Friday, 23 January 2009


Following on from the most recent article (below) and inspired by the eager reader who enjoyed that vocabulary lesson so much that she suggested I explain some more common words, including blad, I have found this handy glossary produced by OUP - also now in link in righthand menu. It will tell you more and yet spookily less than I did. It's useful, but in a somewhat uninspiring sort of way. A bit like monosodium glutamate. Though it will also be good for you. So more like wholemeal flour, then. And absolutely nothing at all like chocolate.

Thank you, OUP, for being so useful. Meanwhile, could you all please read the OUP one first and follow with mine? Remember when you were a child and you had to eat your greens before you got dessert? Well, this is just like that.

Here 'tis:


BuffySquirrel said...

I can remember when NBA meant "Net Book Agreement".

Those were the days. Ahem. Oh dear--nostalgia's setting in. Is there a cure?

Jesse Owen said...

I see what you mean 'in an uninspiring sort of way'. Your list was a more enjoyable read.

I'm reading your blog from the beginning and loving it (I realise this makes me look quite sad) - Oh well :)

Nicola Morgan said...

Jesse - crikey, you're going to be here for EVER if you're reading the whole thing! Hooray!

Derek said...

Amen to BuffySqurrel. (Pauses to dab a tissue to eye.)