Thursday, 12 March 2009


Fear not, everyone: I have a new discovery which will save the future of literature.
There's a company called Cocoa Farm (the sort of farm even I could work on) which is based in Australia (PLEASE can I come and visit??) and which makes .... read it and DROOL: "wine chocolate". I have Pinot Noir chocolate in front of me right now but I happen to know that they also do Shiraz flavour. And if Scotland decides to follow that ridiculous doctor's advice and taxes it, I'm going to Australia. Obviously, I'll miss the wind and rain and sleet and nasty cold slushy stuff that we seem to have at the moment, unusually, but hey.

And if anyone from Cocoa Farm is reading this - it was my pleasure. I'm cheap: a year's supply and I'm yours. Mind you, a year's supply is fairly substantial in my case.

To any of you who are wanting my serious publishing advice back:
  1. I apologise - today's news about possible chocolate taxes was a crisis but I'll be back on track next time.
  2. This is serious publishing advice. Chocolate provides the pleasure which offsets and therefore delineates the pain of the artistic struggle. It bridges the existential void betwixt author's angst-ridden mind and the reader's eager heart.
Meanwhile, if you don't mind, I need to sample the pinot noir chocolate. I may be some time.


Barb said...

That idea of taxing chocolate was defeated by a very narrow margin - 2 votes. But defeated it was!

Samantha Tonge said...


I am eating a Double Decker whilst writing this - not quite as classy as your Pinot Noir, but then i'm not fussy:)

I wonder what Austen and the Brontes used for sustenance whilst writing?

HelenMHunt said...

Well it sounds better than the mint flavoured white chocolate! I'm so with you on that.

Jane Smith said...

I wonder if it is really nice: Pinot Noir doesn't taste very good with chocolate: it's too tannin-y, isn't it? So there might be a clash of tastes. But I'm sure we can rely on you to research this for us fully, Nicola. Do give us your verdict as soon as you can.

Meanwhile, there's a shop near me which sells blocks of dark chocolate made especially for grating into hot milk to make proper hot chocolate. It is blissful stuff, and made all the better when you add a swirl of something spirity in with it. I'll get some more and then I can send you the name!

Jane Smith said...

It's been a while: Nicola can't STILL be eating that chocolate, can she? Unless it's really good....