Thursday, 21 May 2009


Every now and then laziness overcomes me. Luckily, this usually happens when someone has just done something so clever and useful that the most clever and useful thing I can do is tell you about it and then go back to sleep.

So, if you have ever wondered about the maths (or math, for you over yonder ocean) of royalties and advances and foreign rights and returns and all sorts of other bogglingness, please travel over to Editorial Ass here, for the detailed rundown on what it all means and what you can expect/hope for/dream of/fear when you eventually see your treasured WIP hit the shelves. As you surely will if you keep listening to my advice and acting on it.

It simultaneously answers the question that the unagented among you often ask: Why do I need an agent? Maths/math is why. That and a lot of other things, such as calming pissed-off authors down when stuff happens, as you can be sure it will. Stuff has a habit of doing that.


behlerblog said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Spot on, Nicola. When aren't you, though? I adore authors, but when the lips touch the margarita glass, it's easier to have the agent explain all our nitty and a bit of our gritty.

Off topic: So, you're heading over to Litopia thie Friday for an interview, I see. How wonderful! Be sure to say hello to Donna Ballman, one of the regulars. She's one of my authors - so be nice. Ah, forget that; she's a lawyer. Give her hell! Have fun!

Nicola Morgan said...

Lynn, when do your lips ever not touch the margharita glass?

Actually, I've done the Litopia interviews - in London on Monday with Peter Cox, going out Mon-Thurs next week. Enjoyed it at the time but have since then been angsting about all the things I forgot to say and the one bit where my words got tangled and my mind went blank because there were weird noises going on around and mostly behind me and the sun was shining in my eyes (I'm not used to sun, being a troll). I am used to doing radio (and love it) but not used to being given so much time to talk about myself, so it didn't feel like my finest hour. Meh. I'd be better with a margharita ... Or more to the point I should have had breakfast first - and he did offer. Anyway, he said he'd like me to do Litopia After Dark too, so we'll see. Maybe no one will noticed the moment my brain died.

behlerblog said...

Nicola, darling, your brain dead is high gear for others, so don't dispair. I must go have a listen!

Not used to the sun? Oh dear, how will you ever survive visiting me in sunny Southern California?

Nicola Morgan said...

Oh don't worry - I'm very adaptable. Besides, I exaggerate about not being used to the sun. We in Scotland like to keep the beauty and tranquillity of our country secret by pretending that it's always raining and sunless so no one will come and spoil it. Really, the sun shines almost every day. (Just that you have to fly above the clouds before you can find it. Gah - there I go again. Lies, all lies. Don't trust me: I'm a novelist.)

Ebony McKenna. said...

Spot on once again.

I am so grateful to have an agent - she can worry about the contract details, leaving me free to worry about the writing.

Plus, an agent's cut is all tax deductible anyway.