Tuesday, 21 July 2009


A lazy post today but why expend energy when someone else has done the work? (But please note: that is NOT an excuse for plagiarism, because there is no excuse for that. Plagiarism is copying or stealing and passing off as your own writing. Linking to other blogs is right and proper.)

Take a trip here and see if any of these reaons could apply to you.


catdownunder said...

Nice list. Good list. Twitch of my third left whisker here. Does a good cat sit silently and wait for months for an answer? (We cats can be very patient. We know publishers are busy people.) Does a cat prowl in, put a paw up, or (dreaded thought) actually miaou?
Seriously, I agree with the list you directed me to. I just wish publishers would respond in kind!

Hack for hire said...

Thanks for this - really interesting read.

Just 15 seconds to grab an agent's attention eh? Hopefully, your query letter is not in their hands during the 15 second slot when the Diet Coke man is scaling the window ledges.