Sunday, 30 August 2009


The Crabbit Old Bat has moved her blog to this almost identical house in the same street. I'm ready to welcome visitors though I may need to ask to borrow a cup of sugar.
I know, it looks frighteningly similar to the old one (some decorating is in progress in order to make it fully functional) but all you need to know is that the ADDRESS has changed. Everything else will ultimately be the same. The list of links will take me a while but I hope it will be better. Even better, I hear you say.
So, please do the following:
  • bookmark the new address (
  • delete your old bookmark so you don't get confused
  • add yourself to the list of followers. Please!
  • continue on this new blog with its much more sensible address (because it matches the name.)
If you notice anything wrong, please let me know. Any suggestions also welcome.
And now I am going to meet my lovely agent in the Yurt and try not to wince when she tells me about her recently broken tow. Ouuuuoooch.


Ebony McKenna. said...

I've heard moving house can be very stressful. Hope you've got lots of chocolate at hand.

Nicola Morgan said...

I haven't, actually. I've chosen a very silly day to do this - have to rush to Book Festival to meet my lovely agent. BUT thank you thank you thank you for still being a follower!


Flixton Mum said...

I'm naturally suspicious and was a little concerned that it might be a cunning ploy by someone masquerading as Nicola Morgan, but it seems it is still you.
I'll be dipping back to the old one just to make sure though...

Nicola Morgan said...

Would you like me to prove it by being crabbit?!

Jane Smith said...

Ah, Morgan. You can sneak around the internet all you like but you can't hide from me. I am your Very First Follower, and will be here to the bitter end.

I'll put something up on my blog about your move so that everyone there finds out. Have you announced the move on your old blog, too? It might be wise to do so, so that all your old followers get a notification.

Do give my regards to your agent. I bet she still looks good, even hobbling around with a broken toe. Some women were born to be glamorous. I wasn't one of them!

Catherine Hughes said...

OK, I'm here, although I have no idea where my nice kitty Cat picture has gone....

j purdie said...

When's the house warming and where's the beer? Sorry, got those questions in the wrong order :)

Gwen said...

I am a new reader to your blog Nicola. I am enjoying it, have recommended it to friends and will be coming back for more. Enjoy your new home. Cheers Gwen

Clare said...

How to confuse people (easily done when it's me!) and gain a new follower (should have done it a long time ago!)

Slowly recovering from the neckache that set in when I visited the book festival and spent too much time looking at feet in an effort to recognise you - there's some seriously weird footwear there, not to mention puddles!

Happy New Home - some virtual chocolate and fine Malt heading your way - slainte and lang may yer lum reek and yer crabbitness prevail!

Northen Light36 said...

Welcome to the very pretty new home. And this time I'm subscribing rather then lurking on a daily basis. Pleased to meet you. *offers fat-free online chocolate*


Anonymous said...

Ahh, I see you're a creature of habit, dear Nicola. Even though you've moved, you kept the same carpeting, wallpaper, drapes. For crying out loud, you still have that stale muffin sitting on a plate in the corner of your office. Please, dear, toss that moldy thing. I hear that Smith woman is taking up a collection for a cleaning lady.

Nicola Morgan said...

j purdie - house-warming party? Fabulous idea. I will get onto it right away. Were you offering to provide the beer?

Catherine - pics? Ah, I think I need to fiddle with settings. I'll get onto that too.

Clare - sorry about the neck-ache. I was there and so were my shoes. I'm sorry we didn't meet. And thanks for the malty wishes but please keep yer hands aff my reeking lum

NorthernLight36 - thank you for the subscribing and the chocolate (even fat-free - have you discovered one that tastes as good as full-fat, though??)

Gwen - welcome!

Lynn / behlerblog - ah, back from Alaska, are you? See, if I had a beagle I wouldn't have stale muffins in my office.

Jane - I long ago discovered that I couldn't hide from you. You are everywhere. I don't know how you do it without electricity. You even grind your own wheat with a pestle and mortar, don't you? You must have muscles like pylon wires.

catdownunder said...

If I promise to purr nicely may I follow you over here?

Lexi said...

Link changed, alerted by Jane.

What made you move?

Book Maven said...

I've become a follower - can't remember if I was before. And I'll change the link address on my blog.

I did the same thing a month ago because my first address was confusing. It's now in case you missed it.

I lost all my followers too but am gradually recovering them. Not in your huge numbers though!

Nicola Morgan said...

Catdownunder - as long as you don't leave hairs in my keyboard

Lexi - because the address didn't match the title, and it was bugging me.

Mary - thank you - yes, I follow your blog too but possibly hadn't technically "followed" so will go and do that now. Thanks for staying with me.

Agnieszkas Shoes said...

Ah, for a brief moment I had more followers than you, but now the naturl balance is restored.

You may borrow sugar, milk, and any of the other constituents needed for a nice cup of tea any time you please.

Dan (H)

Nicola Morgan said...

Dan - thanks!

Emma said...

Goodness, I turn around for one small weekend and look what's happened!

I was alerted by your post at the former place and will now proceed to update links.

Also, I'm following you here now :)


Robin Walker said...

All done and dusted as requested. Keep up the illuminating crabbitidy. Good luck in the new pad.