Monday, 24 August 2009


Big apologies to those of you who have left comments recently but not observed me having the decency to reply. I normally do reply, often at length, but I'm not keeping up with myself. Please keep commenting and please keep coming back because I will reply, even to the comments left on last week's posts. I'm still in the middle of book festival madness, still only halfway through my events.

Don't leave me this way.


SleepyJohn said...


I couldn't resist the temptation to be first comment on a post even though I have nothing to say. However: you relax and enjoy your festival. I am quite certain none of us will 'leave you this or any other way" because of your busyness. Here is a big thank you from me, and I am sure many others will support it, for all the hard work and sincerity that you put into this blog.

Go for it, girl!

Francesca said...

Now it's quarter to seven in the morning and my head is filled with Jimmy Somerville and the Communards. (oooooaaahhhhhh baby!)

Well, there are worse earworms to have.

I've been reading all the book festival madness with great interest and pleasure. Thank you for all the reports from the front.

~Aimee States said...

I worry more about my unrequited

Julie P said...

Just saying, hi - only just got wind of your blog - no reply needed! And I promise I won't send anyone any congealed toffee.


Nicola Morgan said...

Sleepyjohn - awww.

T. Anne said...

You're too sweet!

catdownunder said...

Now, now we know the crabbit is busy and it gives me time to get my cat hair in order!

BuffySquirrel said...

We know our place ;).

Rafe McGregor said...

Great blog, Nicola, wish I'd discovered it earlier! All the best, Rafe.

Nicola Morgan said...

Francesca - thanks - glad you're here.

Aimee - !

Julie P - welcome. (And well done for that toffee decision)

T.Anne - I try.

catdownunder - I'm back

BuffyS - you should by now

Rafe - welcome and thank you!

DOT said...

City Books,, are the people to contact if you ever want to crabbit this far South.

I promise to be complimentary about your shoes.