Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I only have a few minutes to bring you a post today, as I'm about to go to lunch with my agent to celebrate the start of September (I know: I don't need much excuse for lunch); the end of the Edinburgh Book Festival; a glorious sunny day; and the fact that I have a new novel brewing and the shocking first chapter is tantalisingly poised to be written but I am holding myself back.

So, just having a few minutes, I'm being lazy and bringing you a post that went out today for a collaborative blog I'm involved with - the Awfully Big Blog Adventure. Or ABBA, as we misleadingly call it. And no, Gillian, for the record, I have never worn lurex flares and I am still considering proceedings for defamation.

Anyway, here it is, my wistful report on the book festival and, most especially, the Glory that is the Yurt.

But, as a little extra just for you, I bring you the real heroes of my last few weeks:

And now, allow me to remind you (if you haven't already) to change my blog address in your list of links and to rejoin as a follower if you'd like to. It commits you to nothing. In fact, I haven't a clue what it means, but I do like to see you there. It makes me feel I'm not whistling in the wind.


Frankie Diane Mallis said...

I got to go to the festival last year-amazing!!!

Paul Lamb said...

Happy September luncheon to you (though as I write this you're probably preparing to retire for the evening). I like your new place. Thanks for inviting me over.

Flixton Mum said...

I've only read half your post - had to stop to drool over those boots with the buttons.

Are you getting a new pair of shoes to go with your new blog address?

Off to read the rest of your wisdom.

PS: Where do you do your shoe shopping?

Anonymous said...

Woman, do you lack nerve endings in your feet? My lower extremities are aching by proxy.

Nicola Morgan said...

Lynn - what would I want with nerve-endings in my feet?

Flixton Mum - what an incredibly good idea (re new shoes to go with new blog address). Re PS - I'm not telling.

Paul - thank you! And Frankie - yes!

Rebecca Knight said...

Blue suede ankle boots?? SQUEE! *faints with envy*

Thank you for sharing ;)!

catdownunder said...

You are quite safe - my paws would not fit into any of those Ms Morgan. I prowled through a preview of the craft section of the state's "Royal Show" yesterday and saw a pair of boots that would have suited you admirably - elegant hand made, supple leather to die for. (A wise but quite unconstructive comment from your virtual feline.)