Sunday, 8 November 2009


Thanks to reader (and writer) Dayspring MacLeod, for passing this to me for circulation. Michel Faber is one of my absolute favourite authors and I was lucky enough to meet him once. (I told that story here, and it's one I'll treasure).

Anyway, here's the info about the free event in Edinburgh. I'm not sure if I can go but I'll try.

Michel Faber talks to Jamie Byng

6:30pm Tuesday 17 November 2009

Reference Library Reading Room

Edinburgh Central Library, George IV Bridge

A new series of literary events at Edinburgh Central Library focusing on the important relationship between writer and publisher: the series kicks off with prize-winning, celebrated author Michel Faber and Jamie Byng, his publisher at Edinburgh-based independent, Canongate Books.

Faber’s first book Some Rain Must Fall and Other Stories was published in 1998 by Canongate, who has published all his subsequent  seven works –  Under the Skin, The Hundred and Ninety-Nine Steps, The Courage Consort, The Fahrenheit Twins and Other Stories , The Apple, The Crimson Petal and the White and most recently The Fire Gospel, which was published  last year. This session will explore this successful, ongoing relationship and examine, amongst other things, the influence that author and publisher can have on one another.

There will be a reading from Faber, an audience Q&A session and a book signing. 

The event is FREE and complimentary drinks will be served. Booking is essential: email


Sulci Collective said...

I love Faber's work. His short stories - not a form I'm usually a huge fan of - are masterful."Under The Skin" is a great read.

Michael Malone said...

I met Michel a few years back when he was a judge for the Scottish association of writers' short story comp. I sat at lunch with him and was amazed at his recall of each and every story as writers came up to thank him for their critique. He impressed me as a fine human being as well as a talented writer who was well versed in his craft.

eesh, I was serious for a whole paragraph there I need to say something silly now...tubuler smells. Ahh, much better now.

Sally Zigmond said...

Damn. Why don't I live in Edinburgh?

Dayspring said...

I think it'll be equally interesting to hear a bit from Jamie Byng - he runs Canongate, Edinburgh's most prolific publishing house, and has been the real driving genius behind its success; he's also been voted the most influential person working in publishing throughout Scotland...or was it the UK? Anyway, he's someone you should know about if you have the remotest interest in publishing!

Stroppy Author said...

Jamie Byng is definitely one of the good guys - interesting and very dynamic. Go see him if you can!