Thursday, 29 April 2010


I've blogged before about the misconceptions that non-writers (and often aspiring writers) have about being a writer: what it involves and why we do it. These misconceptions feed into the conversations we find ourselves trapped in and often irritated by, and if you're hoping to be published you need to be prepared for these conversations.

So, my post today is not about how to get published, or wishing to be published, but about being careful about what you wish for, and being ready for it.

Two things I'd like you to do.

First, read this post here - long-time readers of this blog will remember it.

And second, head over to Strictly Writing, here, where you'll find a fabulous video made by Caroline Rance.

And as a little extra, but unrelated to the message, you might like to watch the video I made last year with the same software. It's great fun to use and is even free.

I have another misconception for you on Monday, which is a Bank Holiday in the UK. And no, the misconception is not about the sun always shining on bank holidays, though that's one as well. You want a clue? It's also the reason why my blogging has slightly gone off the boil temporarily. That and the fact that I don't currently have a desk or any peace at all.

There's another clue here:


catdownunder said...
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mindmap1 said...


On Sunday, I had this conversation with an adult female.

F: So, what are you doing with yourself these days? You know, now you have all this time on your hands, hehe.
Me: I'm writing a novel.
F: Really? What kind?
Me: A romantic novel.
F: Ohh, lots of hot sex I bet. I hope I'm not in it!
Me: You're not in it. It's fictional.
F: You'd better let me read it, just in case. I would recognise myself you know. My character had better be gorgeous hehe!
Me: Fiction means it's not real - the characters do not exist. I make them up.
F: Ahh, but you must base them on someone you know. After all real life is stranger than fiction!
Me: Trust me, you have nothing to worry about.
F: You know, I've always wanted to write a book. Apparently EVERYONE has a book in them. I think I might write one, I mean, how hard can it be?
Me: Good for you, what are you reading at the moment?
F: Reading? Don't be ridiculous, I haven't read a book since college!
Me: (Choked on wine.)
F: I bet you'll make loads and loads of money.....knowing you.
Me: Chance would be a fine thing! Actually not many writers make a great deal of money.
F: That's what they all say! Why do it then if it's not for the money?
Me: You wouldn't understand.
F: Hmmm. Well, I'd better not be in it, I'll know you know!

Quite innocuous you might think, except it was my sister! Yep! Fortunately I have a healthy sense of humour!!

Christine x

Hannah S. Chacko said...

Lol. As an 18y/o in college who's been writing since she was 14, I know these conversations by heart... I really have given up trying to explain myself. People really don't understand. When i tell them I write because I enjoy it, they look at me like "What the f*** are you saying?"

And then when I tell them that if I don't write, I can't sleep, they back away slowly ^^

And then, when I finish a book, they're like "Oh, so in the future I can say. 'I knew her. That famous author was at my school'" and I turn around and say, "Probably not."

And seriously.. everyone seems to want to write a book... just too many people do it for the money

Nicola Morgan said...

Hannah - that really rings true! Especially the bit about "Oh, so in the future I can say. 'I knew her. That famous author was at my school'" I think they think they're being positive and encouraging but all they're really doing is making you feel despondent at the thought that that's how they measure success and they think it's going to be so easy. They don't realise how undermining such misunderstanding is.

mindmap1 - erghh, so many misconceptions there!