Monday, 12 April 2010


Just about to be announced.

To remind you, I decided to celebrate passing the 500 follower mark by offering a free copy of Wasted to a randomly chosen commenter from the post where I announced the comp.

I thought I'd spin this out a bit but then I realised that spinning things out a bit is really not the best use of time for me just now, so I won't.












oh, I 've forgotten. Hang on.

It's Elen Caldecott! So, Elen, please email your postal address to me and I will post your signed copy of Wasted. Let me know who you'd like it signed to if not yourself.

And to the rest of you, better luck next time: sign up to the Wasted blog and you'll be entered for a weekly draw until the end of May. And if you win, do comment on the book - I need all the help I can get, as I'm really really worried this book is going to disappear into a dark hole. There are reasons for this worry, but I won't bother you with them. Just ask for your help! HELP!


Catherine Hughes said...

I have it on good authority that the dark hole is presently closed for renovations and is not accepting any book-swallowings at this time.

Cease panicking. The book is wonderful and it will be fine.

Cat x

Matthew Rush said...

Congrats Elen!

Ebony McKenna. said...

Hi Nicola,
I was so hoping the panicking thing would ease up. Are you telling me it doesn't?????

Lie to me! My nerves can't take it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Elen :)

I'm with Cat, I also believe the dark whole is closed for renovations!

KarenG said...

Congratulations to Elen. I'm so jealous. Now to go to the blog and add myself as a follower. And thank you Nicola for showing us all your insecurities. Which is why we love you. How many authors of this many books are still worried about that black hole? Yes, it's there, but you and your new book will fly over it!

Nicola Morgan said...

Ebony - I'm allowed to lie? Well, after publication, all fears and stresses melt away and you live happily ever after, relaxing by your pool and drinking sparkly wine while you lap up the adulation of your disciples. Your publishers look after your interests at all times and take every opportunity to sell your book. Life is just bliss. OK?

KarenG - you think I've told you ALL my insecurities?? Oooooh noooooo. And in case you think I'm one of those annoying geeks that we all knew at school, who go on about how they think they've failed and then they get a distinction? Well, that's not me. Really. Thing is, I've seen good books die and paltry books succeed. I know how much luck is involved after publication, much more so than before, and Wasted is a book I've thrown my heart and soul into more than any other but I know it's not for everyone and I am very very worried for it. Erghh. But thank you for your comments - it helps!

fairyhedgehog said...

Congratulations, Elen!

I'm sorry it's such a scary time, Nicola. I'd always assumed that successful authors stopped worrying. Turns out I was wrong.

Spider Griffin said...

Congratulations to Elen!

Really hope Wasted is a complete winner for you, Nicola.


Jo Treggiari said...

I just finished Wasted. It kept me up for two nights and it kept me from revising my own book (damn you Nicola).
I found it intriguing, exciting, and touching. The different narrative perspectives were unique and interesting, and I liked that we were inside each of the main characters's heads and also seeing things from the point of view of an omniscient God-like figure.
I was so caught up in Jack and Jess's lives that at the end, when the reader is asked to flip a coin to determine what happens next, I was really nervous. Fantastic, thought-provoking read. Great writing.
Stop worrying and pat yourself on the back (if only a little bit).

Jo Treggiari said...

Sorry, forgot to say congrats to Elen!
Also I am experiencing far more anxiety with my current WIP than I ever have before as a writer and I think it's because I have stepped outside my comfort level and am really challenging myself. Not that writing any book is easy but this one has been particularly difficult.
Nicola, I think you really attempted (and achieved) something unique and challenging with the book, hence the fears.

Kate said...

Nicola you really shouldn't be worrying - I'm reading it now and it's burning at me to get back to it - it's a good sign when a book gets under your skin like this.

No black holes here - this one's shining far too brightly IMO!

catdownunder said...

Well done Elen but could someone please stop Nicola Morgan from chewing her fingernails? Her dog has (rightly)complained to me that just getting rubbed behind the ears is NOT good enough, especially after all the excellent canine advice offered about a certain book!