Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Sarah Brown and Julie Gamble in Blackwells
I visited the children's department of Blackwells in Edinburgh today to buy a couple of books for looked-after and other vulnerable children in the Children's Book Tree scheme. (I'd blogged about this excellent idea here.) It wasn't easy to get there, I have to say: I slipped and slid on treacherous ice, finally falling over completely. And embarrassingly. Luckily a wino was on hand to offer to help me up, as I realised when I saw a pair of pink eyes looming dangerously above me.

But it was worth it. Also found a big pile of my books there to sign, including Wasted in the 3 for 2 selection. Mmmm.

BUT that's not what I'm blogging for today. What I want to say is yes, it's not easy getting about at the moment and there are lots of people who can't get to Blackwells or who are understandably waiting till the ice thaws. Also, fabulously, because the scheme is so popular, there are more book wishes from kids this year - great that they're interested, yes? This means that there are lots of wishes as yet unanswered - and they need to be answered by the end of next week or there won't be time to deliver them. I cringe at the thought that one of these children might ask for a book and not get one. So, can I remind you that if you'd like to support this wonderful scheme by buying a wanted book for a child or teenager who will really, really appreciate it, you don't have to fall over embarrassingly in the street as I did. You only have to phone:

0131 6228225

Please phone! The lovely staff will take a book order and you can help a vulnerable child have a book this Christmas.

Here are some examples of the wishes I saw:
"A 12 year old boy would like any book you choose."
"A 7 year old girl would like a book about fairies."
"A 15 year old boy would like the Guinness Book of Records."
"A 10 year old girl would like an exciting book."

How can you refuse?

There was also, "14 year old boy would like Katie Price's biography."  I'll pass on that.

Ouch, my bruised hip.


Nicolette said...

This is such a good scheme. Books make such good gifts and I always put books in the Christmas Shoeboxes that get sent abroad to needy children, too.

Bernadette said...

How lovely, Nicola.
A fourteen year old boy is now getting the Guiness Book of Records and a six month old girl is getting a noisy farmyard book!
As you said, hard to think of children asking for books and being disappointed and as writers as well that's the last thing we want.

Clare said...

Thanks for blogging about this again, Nicola. I meant to phone on Saturday and it went right out of my head until I read this. Have now phoned as I think it's a simple but brilliant idea.

Queenie said...

Job done.

Nina Killham said...

What a brilliant idea. I'd never heard of it. Thanks for blogging about it.