Thursday, 7 July 2011


I want to draw your attention quickly to a short story workshop that I suspect will be really good. Helen Hunt has had lots of short stories published in women's magazines and she's a very sensible, nice person with lots of integrity, so I'm confident her workshop will be great: expert and generous. She's going to be running more workshops later.

By the way,
I don't normally advertise things for people and almost never when asked - Helen didn't ask me; I chose to!

Helen says: "The first workshop will be on Saturday 30 July in Northampton, and will take place from 10.30am to 4pm. The workshop will look at writing for the increasingly tough and sadly shrinking women's magazine market. If this is successful, I aim to repeat the workshop in September.

The cost is £30 (I’ve tried to keep it as low as possible) and this includes lunch/refreshments and the critique of one story which participants will be asked to email to me in advance of the course.

I think it sounds incredibly reasonable - a snip! Do follow Helen on Twitter: @hmhunt

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HelenMHunt said...

Thanks for the mention, Nicola. I'm really looking forward to running the workshop and if people want more information or have any questions they are very welcome to email me via my blog profile.

JO said...

Are these likely to move round the country? The workshop price is fine - but becomes impossible once transport and overnight stays are added.

HelenMHunt said...

Hi Jo

I'm keeping an open mind about the location of future workshops, so if you're interested please do drop me an email (address in my blog profile)and let me know roughly where in the country you are. I can then add you to my 'interested' list and that will help me decide on future locations.

Anonymous said...

I can certainly vouch for Helen, having met her several times IRL. So what are you waiting for? Sign up!

Queenie said...

I've been lucky enough to have short stories critiqued by Helen. She is a kind person, so she will praise where praise is due, but she doesn't flinch from pointing out problems. She is an insightful critiquer and very helpful in suggesting ways for writers to improve. Highly recommended.

Nicola Morgan said...

Jo - thing is that if Helen does the workshop somewhere else, she'll have to charge more because her own travel and accommodation will have to be covered! I think the cost is incredibly reasonable.

womagwriter said...

I'm another who can recommend Helen. Lovely person with loads of experience and who gives great crits.