Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Children's Book Tree needs us

Last year I supported a lovely idea from Blackwell's in Edinburgh and apparently the help of all of you blog-readers made a big, big difference. Let's see if we can do even better this year!

What happens is this: on the lovely tree in the shop, staff hang book requests from children who are either vulnerable or have some reason for extra need. Then customers either come into the shop OR PHONE 0131 622 8225 and buy one of the gifts, which then gets wrapped up and given to the child in time for Christmas. This year, the fourth year of the scheme, there are over 300 requests on the tree so we need YOUR help to grant them all and ensure that vulnerable children who have actually asked for a book have their wish come true.

Oh, and Julie Gamble is dressing up as an ELF today! (I hope I didn't make that bit up.)

Requests range from the very specific "I'd love a copy of Nicola Morgan's Fleshmarket", through the slightly less specific "I'd love ANY book by Gillian Philip", to the much more general "I'm a 13-year-old boy and I'd like any exciting book."

Blackwell's are working with Barnardo's, Edinburgh Women's Aid, Edinburgh Young Carers and many of the city's support and foster care units. These groups do terrific work and I absolutely love the idea that one of the things they do is encourage reading amongst the children.

So, DO please either pop in the the shop on South Bridge, Edinburgh, or phone 0131 622 8225 and ask for a selection of requests for you to choose between. Staff will then do everything for you! It's so damn easy.

TEL: 0131 622 8225


catdownunder said...

We have something similar in our local shopping centre - although not just for books - and I would really recommend it but especially for books. They can last a lifetime!

JO said...

This is a great idea - don't suppose Blackwells are considering rolling it out nationally? (Where's Dan Holloway when we need him - he knows the Oxford branch well.)

So I'll ring Edinburgh - all those lucky Scottish children. And generous Blackwells - thanks to all.

Claire Dawn said...

DO you know if there's a way for uns international folks to help out?

Joy said...

What a super-fab idea!! Thanks for giving us the heads-up, shall get on it ... except hubby's on the phone! He never uses the phone -- typical!!!

Jen Campbell said...

Done! x