Friday, 16 December 2011

Release your inner synaesthete

Last week I was on the Mondays are Red blog tour - see the links on the right for any posts that interest you. One of the posts was particularly relevant to writers, especially fiction writers and poets. It's the one I did for Mary Hoffman on releasing your inner synaesthete.

Mondays are Red is said to be "about" synaesthesia. It's actually "about" the power of language, more than anything. Please do go and read that post and come back to comment. (It would be lovely if you left a comment on Mary's blog, too, just so she knows you were there.)

In 2012 I'm planning a major creative writing competition based on synaesthetic writing. There will be one section for school pupils and one for adults.So, watch this space! And if you'd like to read Mondays are Red or recommend it to a teenage reader/writer of your acquaintance, the details are here.

Meanwhile, do go and read the post on Mary's blog and either leave a comment there or here. Or both. And have fun exercising your inner synaesthete in time for the writing competition. :)


Dan Holloway said...

that sounds like a very fun competition!

And an unrelated question - is there homework we should be doing in prepartion for your Blackwell's event? I've finished WTBP of course

Nicola Morgan said...

Dan - the only homework is mine. I need to prepare the event! No, no homework - because I wouldn't be able to contact participants, it would be impossible to organise. I'm rather worried that you're already going to know everything I'm going to talk about (whatever that is...)

Claire Leyana said...

Monday's are blue for me, Wednesday's are more red! Looks like an interesting read though!

Dan Holloway said...

I somehow doubt that very much!

Claire - gosh, yes, I'd completely forgotten -

Katalin Havasi said...

Nicola, can we say that the topic of 'Mondays are Red' is synaesthesia but its theme is the power of language?

Somewhere I've read: 'Language is power, life, and the instrument of culture, the instrument of domination and liberation.' (Angela Carter, the late English novelist, who lived in Japan for several years).

I think the English language is particularly powerful. It's straightforward and user-friendly.
(I should know; my mother tongue is not English. :))

Recently I read a true story in Reader's Digest about a plane crash somewhere in Asia. The pilot didn't see a hill while landing and although the co-pilots saw the danger clearly they couldn't prevent the tragedy because their language was not straightforward enough to explain the situation quickly. Many people died. And this type of accident was not an isolated case in Asia. Asian languages are circular, or more precisely spiral. They don't go to the point at once. After this accident all the pilots in that country were taught English to use while in air and there were no more problems.

Sorry guys for the long post.

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Nicola Morgan said...

Jannet Watson - that's such a hilarious message that, even though it's completely irrelevant to this blog, I'm leaving it there.