Tuesday, 4 September 2012

All my advice about publishing and writing

This is the last post but one. After tomorrow, there will be no more crabbit!

Before I go, I want to make sure that you know that my advice is still available. I've deleted some irrelevant blogposts but left everything else intact. I may still do some workshops and events, but please don't ask me any more Dear Crabbit questions or email me for advice. I just can't do it any more, or not if I want to return to being a children's writer. I know most of you understand and you've been terrifically supportive.

However, the best advice is in my books for writers. These are not rehashing of blog posts: books are different. My books are coherent, structured, deeply considered, and professionally edited. Even the short ones took a great deal of time and care - it often takes longer to write something short than something long!

For a comprehensive guide to catching that elusive deal with agent or publisher, try Write to be Published. This is in print and ebook format and is published by Snowbooks. Scott Pack, publisher with Harper Collins, said, "I receive a lot of emails from authors asking for guidance on how to take the next steps to publication. In future I will just point them in the direction of this book.” And Joanne Harris said "Nicola Morgan is made of awesome!" Sorry, can't help mentioning that :)

For a detailed guide to writing a synopsis, an ebook described by top agent Carole Blake as "pure gold", try Write a Great Synopsis. It aims to remove all fear and even make writing a synopsis a satisfying process.

For a detailed guide to writing the query letter or covering letter, an ebook described by another top agent, Oli Munson, as "packed with sage advice," you need Dear Agent.

And for a guide to how Twitter can work for you, Tweet Right - The Sensible Person's Guide to Twitter will do the trick. From an Amazon review (not written by me!) - "A really straightforward, funny, no-nonsense look at twitter and how to do it. I've found it invaluable and it gave me the confidence to try tweeting. It's also good on the etiquette so you don't make a fool of yourself or annoy people."

Don't forget: you do not need a Kindle or any special reading device to read an ebook. You can download free software to buy Kindle books or epub versions from eg Lulu. All my ebooks are available in Kindle and epub versions.


Over 50 and under the hill said...

Glad to hear this will all (mostly) still be available to read. Only found you yesterday!

Best of luck with everything.

JO said...

You are an example to us all - leaving with great dignity, and still doing what you need to do. Enjoy the writing (we all know that really is the best bit about what we do!)

Clare said...

Huzzah for you! I already love Write to be Published and I'll be buying your other books when it's time for me to write to agents or get that pesky synopsis done. I'm looking forward to still getting to read your posts over on your other blog, so I won't miss you too much :)

(Forgot to say when I posted on your other blog the other day - I'm the same Clare as at gentlewomanthief.wordpress.com (did a little review of WtbP). Don't think my Google account links to that blog!)

Sally Zigmond said...

I realise you haven't the time now to reply to personal emails so I will say here publicly and unequivocally, that you are the most supportive colleague I have ever had the privilege to know. You are wise and kind and full of good no-nonsense advice (and sshh, not at all crabbit). It has been invaluable to me and I shall miss you terribly.

But out of the fire rises the phoenix. Onwards and upwards. I wish to calm seas and a fair wind. (Was that a bit OTT?)

Sally Zigmond said...

Not to mention ungrammatical. What I meant to say was: I wish YOU calm seas and a fair wind. (Sigh...)

Nicola Morgan said...

Sally, there I was, thinking you were quoting a strange poem! Thanks so much for your message. AND your email, which I have now found, hiding. SORRY xxx

Clare - thank you! I do love that word, huzzah!

David - it should keep you going for a while! Thanks for your comment.

Jo - awww. Thanks. I wish you much enjoyment of your own writing, too.

Anonymous said...

I have Write to be Published and love it. Thank you Nicola. Wishing you many happy days writing for children.

Joy said...

Thanks so much for all your help and advice, Nicola, wishing you all the best, and have fun getting totally immersed in writing again! If ... when I get published, I shall let you know because I will owe you a great, big thank you :D

Carolb said...

Will miss your regular insights. But a writer needs to write and I wish you many happy days doing so.
Thank you for all your advice.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

You have done an amazing job with your blog, Nicola. I'm sorry to see you close because this is where I go for plain old common sense and insight on book publishing without all the hype and prejudice. I'll miss the Crabbit and her shoes and funny stories! But I certainly understand the need to move on.