Thursday, 31 October 2013

Published self-publishers 1: four children's authors talk and bring you books

I'm running a new series of posts, featuring published writers who decide to self-publish one or more books. I'm cross-posting on both blogs for the best exposure for the authors. Below, I refer to the first four, which have all been on Heartsong this week. Four more next week.

Daniel Blythe - Emerald Greene and the Witch Stones. Here's my favourite thing that Dan said: "I haven't got involved with any writers' forums. To be honest, I really don't think that's a route I'd go down. [...]  I'm not sure how I'd come across as a previously "conventionally" published author plugging his first e-book [...]."

I agree - I also had that worry. Especially when on the first day on one major forum I received two messages warning me off. One from a friend who'd already been bitten and the other from someone clearly furious that I'd turned up. Why do people have to be so nasty? I can't be bothered to try to manage that type of behaviour so I left. Yes, you may say I ran away. I say I had better things to do.

Second, Joan Jennon, with Diary from the Rim and other stories. My favourite quote from Joan's interview is part of her reason for publishing her book herself: "And book publishers are wary of ... well, everything, really. So I decided to publish this book myself - part experiment, part rescue mission."

Third, Miriam Halahmy, with Secret Territory, previously published by a publisher who went out of business so Miriam snapped the rights up. My guests are being so generous with their advice. Here is part of Miriam's: "Make good use of the keywords and blurb to promote your book. People write whole books about keywords and it’s certainly worth some thought. I changed mine a couple of times (an easy process) and have now linked my book to Homeland (for obvious reasons). But my blurb makes it clear why. There’s no point in misleading your readers, they won’t love you for it."

And today, appropriately for Halloween, Rhiannon Lassiter with Little Witches Bewitched. Here's my favourite thing Rhiannon said: "I don’t expect to make much money from selling my own books. I expect a trickle, not a flood, and am planning accordingly. I think the biggest danger is spending too many £££ on companies that offer to help you self-publish or on advertising. Self-publishing is not the killer app for financial solvency any more than writing is in the first place."


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