Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Platforms, networking, blogging and Twitter for authors - resources

I'm doing an event on Twitter for the Society of Authors in London today. And a talk about blogging and Twitter for authors at a conference in Peterborough at the weekend. And one about Twitter and blogging at a dinner for senior people in publishing a couple of days later. For the benefit of the participants at those, and also any of you who would like all this info in one place, I have made a list of recent relevant blog posts below. 

An earlier Soc of A event I did, about networking/platforms for authors.

Recent posts about social networking/platform-building for writers:

"Twitter Etiquette - Careful With DMs"

"Blogging for Writers - Make Your Blog Work Better"

"How Much Promotion is Too Much?"

"Tweet Right - the Sensible Person's Guide to Twitter"

The 90/10% rule – using the 10% to promote our books

That's your lot! Play nicely.


Patsy said...

Thanks for the reminders.

Jaxbee said...

Just looked at a few of the links, Nicola - amusingly useful as ever. Still chortling at the blog tips and asides! I did end my post with a question this time, will be interesting to see if I get more comments than usual. My blog posts are way too long (and too infrequent) but I just can't stop once I get started...
Good luck with all the talks, they'll be great.

Cathy said...

Nicola, your posts are always so helpful. Thank you. Cathy x

KarenG said...

It's been awhile since I stopped by. I really like the new look of your blog! When I first got online, your blog was the one I went to for common sense information about all things social media.

Anonymous said...

This was really useful in terms of pulling together all the bits of advice and info around into one concise package. It is reassuring to me that I have done some of this already when setting up my own blog / face book /twitter grouping but has shown me how could be slicker. Like the idea of audio boo.
Am going to send link to my brother who is setting up a similar thing for his online business selling cards for animal lovers. Thanks again for timely (however inadvertent) advice.

Carol Hedges said...

Yes. Useful and wise. Sadly,I think there are a lot more getters than givers out there!! As someone who is self- publishing for the first time after 16 years of being published, it is a steep learning curve!! But not insurmountable. Thanks again. Much to take in and digest.