Friday, 11 September 2009


On the other hand, emerging from a migraine (see below) doesn't mean I can't push you towards someone else with wise words and no headache. Here are 17 reasons why manuscripts are turned down. It's nearly a year old, but some things don't change. "The Adventurous Writer" has other useful lists of tips. As with most lists, they're not exhaustive but a good start.

Maybe over-writing is number 18. Actually, it's kind of number 10 on that list, but number 10 doesn't quite cover what I have to say about over-writing. Over-writing is a subject close to my heart, since it's something I can be guilty of myself and also something that stopped me being published for so long.

By the way, why did some loser send me two crappy comments with weird personal abuse? OK, I don't think I deserve a medal or an award but I also don't think I deserve crappy ignorant abuse. I don't get paid enough. Er, actually I don't get paid anything, so please piss off with your anonymous cowardice and let me get on with engaging with real writers trying to get published. And maybe consider not being drunk or stoned before you send your pathetic weirdness. Because of you, I have had to eliminate the option for anonymous comments, which is a shame because some decent people have perfectly valid reasons for being anonymous. You, you're just a loser.

Told you I had a headache. Most of you don't even know what I'm talking about because I removed the pathetic comments. Disagreement I welcome; inane loserness I don't. If you don't like me, don't read my blog - I don't ask you to. Haven't you got better things to do? go and hang out with the other nasty people - they'll make you feel so much better.

I've said my piece. And now I feel much better, too.


Jane Smith said...

Now you have to email me those anonymous comments, so that I can see if you're being visited by the same trolls that I am.

I'm glad you got rid of them. And I hope your head feels better soon.

none said...

Hmm, I think even Janet 'Query Shark' Reid might keep reading a book that opens with someone "driving and sleeping"--if only to see what happens when they crash!

your local pedantic Sqrl

David John Griffin said...

Summer colds are lousy Nicola; plus your family concerns, then some loser berating you with whatever he berated you with.

You don't deserve any of it. It does seem things happen in threes.

I hope, as well, you feel much better soon (a boiled onion sometimes does the trick, so I'm told!)

OK, I'm off to read your "17 reasons why manuscripts are turned down" post now.

Flixton Mum said...

Maybe it was the author of Ernie the Elf? Oh, wait that one was made up...maybe it was the person who wrote number 15?

You could have left the anonymous loser comments on and the rest of us (fairly normal??) people could have shot them down. But then losers like that don't deserve any publication.

I stop by here for a much needed kick up the backside, I like the crabbitness, I for one don't want anonymous losers distracting the crabbitness by being rude and abusive.

Nicola Morgan said...

Jane - I will indeed email you and we can compare trolls. On the other hand, should we spend any of our time even thinking about such sad people?

BuffyS - what would we don without you? You should be an editor!

David - many thanks for those kind words. Fingers crossed that's the three all out of the way. By the way, I had heard about boiled onions too but am never quite sure what you're meant to do with them! Have you read Holes by Louis Sachar - there's a great subplot about onions.

Flixton Mum - you are right: there's a distinct difference between crabbitness and plain rudeness! I would never be rude to any of you. Or not intentionally ... And you are also right that such people don't deserve published space - or at least they don't deserve space on a space that I've created.

Off to write about over-writing now.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I'm suspicious this troll is making the rounds because he hit me several times as well. He's in the UK, and that's all I can discern. A real pain. The beagle has gone into high alert with her pack of German Shepherds and collection of pea shooters.

Hope your daughter is feeling better. You too!

Catherine Hughes said...

Hey Nicola!

Take comfort from the fact that, as is the case with so much childish behaviour, jealousy is at the root of the problems you've had.

I hope your daughter is doing well. Enjoy the rest of your weekend - lovely weather.

Nicola Morgan said...

Daughter is not really speaking to me yet, except with her eyes (some things don't change) but she survived and now she will get better. I am playing the role of nurse quite well. This mainly involves me making jelly and mashed potato and then nagging her to eat them. Thank you all for your concern and kind thoughts.

Lynn, I suspect there are several trolls out there. Funny how removing the ability to be anonymous shuts them up. They are so very weak!

The Adventurous Writer said...

Ohhhh....your daughter got her TONSILS out! It seemed so much more serious than that when I read your comments!

I take back my thoughts and prayers.

Just kidding! Boy, there's something about you that makes me want to crack jokes :-)


PS I loved Edinburgh but haven't been there for 20 years. But I'm going to Vienna and Prague in 2 weeks!!! (for some reason I think you're in Edinburgh....)

The Adventurous Writer said...

What a gong show! Below is the first comment I posted, which didn't appear right away. I thought you'd have to approve it. So I made a second comment (above), and that appeared right away!

If you read the comments in order, it makes sense. What a gong show! But at least your comments are working.

By the way, I think you can insert a Spam thing that stops Spammers by making them type in the code. Catpcha or something?

Hi Nicola,

Thanks for posting the "reasons manuscripts are turned down" to my blog! You seem to have a thriving blog community here I'm glad I found you. :-)

I still need to dig around your blog to find out why you're taking such good care of your daughter -- but it sounds serious, and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Quips & Tips for Successful Writers

Nicola Morgan said...

Hi Laurie
Glad to see you here, even with your lack of sympathy for my daughter who is currently in tears at the pain! (Well, obviously not literally currently - in that I haven't left her in tears to come and write a message to you. But she is miserable, which makes me a bit miserable, but no, I know it's not serious. Just that my blog-readers are very kind to me. I think it's because they're scared I'll get crabbit with them)