Sunday 10 January 2010


One year old today! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday you crabbit old bat... I know it doesn't scan, but we're on HOLIDAY today. So, no advice, no nagging, just some traditional party things for you:
  1. A speech. [Sorry.]
  2. An activity. [Hooray.]
  3. A gift. [Double hooray.]
  4. A request. [Please say yes.]
For me, last year was The Year of the Blog. On Jan 10th, I rose from a sleepless night of extreme crabbitness, headed straight for my desk and spontaneously started a blog, without knowing what on earth I was doing or where it would lead. I never dreamt it would have led to making so many new friends, and "meeting" so many hard-working writers dedicated to improving their writing for publication. I certainly had no idea that it would take so much of my time nor that I would enjoy it so much. And I absolutely had no intention of starting an actual business from it, as I ended up doing eleven months later with my writing consultancy, Pen2Publication. [Going very well, thank you very much! I'm delighted to have been able to set several clients on their way to much improved WIPs already, and I feel very honoured that so many are trusting me to do so.]

The support of all you blog-readers has kept me inspired; you've enabled a real community to grow up here; and so many of you have contributed your own wisdom and experiences in the comment sections. This blog is far more than me: it's is all of you, too. I'd love to mention you all but I'll just take some examples from most recent commenters. I've loved the unstoppable book-loving enthusiasm and knowledge of Catherine Hughes; the industry uber-wisdom of Jane Smith and the US perspective from Lynn Price; the curmudgeonely acerbity of the "anonymous Proe", and the generous comments of so many of you all over the world. I've valued comments from Aussies, such as Catdownunder and Ebony; African viewpoints from readers such as Lauri in Botswana and Amanda in South Africa; Harry in Bulgaria; Miriam in Israel; lots of Americans (too many to mention but I'll scratch the surface with two Jos and two Sarahs); and in the UK, again so many of you, including Elen, Mary, Kate, Thomas, the Davids, more Sarahs; and then there was my first  blog baby, Marsha Moore; and all the great Twitterers, Helen, Helena, Flixtonmum, Simon, Marshall, Lacer, and others; and the self-publishers who are serious about the quality of their writing, more than the simple fact of having their name on a cover: Dan and Marc, hats off to you. I mustn't forget the young ones, too - watch out for Iffath and, to see a young book-loving blogger in action, hop over to her place when she puts a link to it below, as I'm sure she will! And there was the wonderful Isla, who won the young writers' comp I arranged and who emailed me so sparkily in the following weeks. Oh gosh, there are so many more of you. I know I've left tons of you out but please realise that I am grateful to each and every one of you who has commented, even when you've disagreed with me. [How dare you?] If you've lurked and not commented, I'm glad you're there, too - lurk as long as you like!

In short - thank you all for your company, your support, your wisdom and your humour.

THE ACTIVITY - blog-puffing
Here's what to do.
  1. In a comment below, briefly advertise your blog or on-line presence. NB: this must be for your writing, not selling any other product. I will remove any comment which seems to violate the spirit of this activity, which is about allowing writers and readers to meet.
  2. Note the word "briefly". Your blurb is unlikely to be read if it's waffly or boring. You are selling yourself, remember, and readers will choose whom to visit. 
  3. If you can include a clickable link, do. But if you can't, don't worry: just include the full URL.
  4. If you are on Twitter, give your Twitter name. Mine is @nicolamorgan
  5. Then visit some of the blogs that you will find mentioned here and leave comments on them. Please visit at least 4 during the next 48 hours.If you have time for lots more, fabulous! Try to visit some you haven't seen before.
  6. Please keep returning here during the day to find more ideas. 
  7. Keep checking your own blogs during the day, so that you can respond to comments that people leave there. Successful blogging is active blogging.
  8. If you don't have a blog where people can leave messages, but just a website or online work in another forum, simply make sure that your directions to it are clear and compelling.
For your amusement, and by regular demand, I bring you three funny stories. You may have read them before, in which case I apologise. Choose from the story of my terrible / amusing event in a coffee shop; or my terrible / amusing experience of an author photo-shoot with boots; or my terrible / amusing experience at Belfast International airport, where my brain caused a security alert.

It's confession time. I hope you will be so well-disposed to me on my birthday that you will a) forgive me and b) grant my request. Eeek. See, I foolishly went public with my goal / resolution, which involved a daily word count target of 1500 words until my current novel was finished. I now realise that in this particular year, I simply can't do it, not without killing myself. I'm moving house in the most complicated way imaginable in three months' time and I can't begin to tell you the other things I have to deal with this year. So, pleeeease will you allow me to reduce the target to 1000 words on a writing day? I may well do more on some days, but I'm going to get twisted in guilt if I keep missing targets. Pretty please? I won't be lazing around the rest of the time - actually, I'll be doing a lot of mental planning for that novel, but if I make myself write it too fast, it won't be good enough. And you wouldn't want me to write a rubbish book, would you?

Now, let the party commence!


Thomas Taylor said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for hosting this e-party, Nicola. I'll try not to stand in the corner this time.

I'm a writer and illustrator of picture books turned (turning?) children's novelist, and I've just suspended the admission fee for my blog. Please visit if you like writing, drawing, heartburn and angst.

Simon Kewin said...

Hello all, and many thanks to Nicola for the party invite and for her consistently useful, entertaining and colourful blog.

My blog is called Spellmaking - although it isn't about the making of spells. It covers my adventures in writing : the trials and tribulations; the disasters and occasional triumphs; my reflections on writing, finding a publisher and dealing with rejection. It's about how, by the simple process of stringing letters into words, and words into sentences, we can invent believable stories, engrossing imagined worlds. So, in a sense, it is about spelling and the making of spells.

My latest post is about research and believability. How far do we, as writers, have to go to get our facts right? You can read The Genius Computer Hacker : How Good Does Research Have To Be? here. I'd be delighted if you could drop by and say hi.

Ooh, and I'm @SimonKewin on Twitter

Miriam Drori said...

Happy birthday to Nicola's blog!

Where I am, it's sunny and warm. So do visit me at my blog, which is about writing and SA. Not South Africa, not special agent, not systems analyst, not Salvation Army, not sex appeal, but....

[If the link doesn't work, I'm at]

Jane Smith said...

Many happy bloggy-returns to you, Nicola. Your blog has helped so many people and is always such a good read: I'm delighted you started it, as without it I might never have found you. I shall send people over from my place to celebrate with you; I give you permission to write just (just!) 1,000 words each day; and meanwhile, have a wonderful day. You've earned it.

Elen C said...

Morning! Happy Birthday!

Nicola and I (among other commenters here) contribute to An Awfully Big Blog Adventure; scores of published children's writers blogging about books, writing and, today, snow.

An Awfully Big Blog Adventure

catdownunder said...

Happy Birthday Nicola. Thankyou for your blog and the kind words.
I have written a special paw-print for today - if anyone would like to meet a human (the one who fools arounds as a cat who once wrote 8000 plus letters about one thing please come and visit. If you leave a paw print on my blog I will try very hard to visit you in return! (It may take a while there is a 9 1/2 hour time difference here.)
Oh, just click on my name! It should get you there.

jonathan pinnock said...

Happy Blogday from a long-time lurker! Thanks for inviting us all along - I promise not to scoff all the jelly. I'm Jonathan Pinnock (@jonpinnock), and if you click on my name there, you'll find links to loads of stuff that I've written. I'd also like to draw everyone's attention to my latest project, Mrs Darcy vs The Aliens, which is, frankly, the most fun you can have with a bonnet on.

Marsha said...

Happy happy blog birthday! A giant thanks to you, Nicola, for all your great advice on your blog and through your Pen2Publication service. Much needed and extremely useful.

I'd love to hear other writers' stories and share my angst of toiling away in isolation, eating too many chocolate truffles along the way. You can read my own struggles at:

Twitter: @marshawrites

Party on!

Sally Zigmond said...

Bonne anniversaire, Nicola. (Well, it's different)and many more of 'em.

If you click my name above it'll bring you to my blog: The Elephant in The Writing Room. The title is not merely a reminder that I need to shed blubber; it's purpose is to make sure to those seeking publication and blaming everyone and everything else for their failure, that when push comes to shove, it's the quality of their writing that counts.

Mind you, I am a scatterbrain with poor concentration skills, so I bang on about all sorts of things as well: the weather, books I recommend and occasionally sneak in a shameless plug about my own writing--which as this is Nicola's blog and she told me not to, I won't do here. (Drat!)

1,000 words a day? Oh all right--I suppose. Because it's your birthday.

Too long. I know. I know.

Anna and Kate said...

A huge happy birthday! Very excited - I feel like a teenager again. I am a blogger novice - no hope at a link yet, but my blog is (the musings of a once infertile woman)

Yes. It is about infertility. But there will be poetry as well. Maybe something just a little bit different?

love to all

Kate Bentley

Unknown said...

Party hat? Check. Weird and annoying party whistle? Check. Blog to advertise?

I'm giving away limbs to whoever has the guts to publish me, although, I am starting to wonder if I've chosen the write currency...

And if you scadaddle over to my other blog, which needs an update, you can see my artistic journey (I'm a first year fine arts student. Orientation is just a week away!)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Happy 1st birthday. As a birthday present to yourself I think you can definately reduce your daily word count to 1,000 words.

My blod is debs daydreams in the shed, mainly because I, well, write in a shed that at the moment is perishing cold but filled with so much paperwork that I have to keep it somewhere other than the house.

catdownunder said...

Oops, yes! I grant you 1000 words!
Just remember to label ALL the boxes when you actually move!

HelenMWalters said...

On my blog today, I'm using my crystal ball to look into the future. So if you want to know what happens in 2010 pop over to

You'll also find ramblings about my writing, a link to my book blog, and photos of my cats.

I'm on Twitter as @hmhunt and I look forward to meeting lots of you over the next couple of days.

Nicola - your birthday wish is granted. 1000 words a day is more than enough! Happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Thank you for providing all us baby writers with a great source of information over the year. I'm really looking forward to the next! (And of course you can 'only' write 1000 words a day!)

You are all welcome over to my blog, Lacer's Life, where I have written a post to mark the occasion, which you'll find at the top (clicking on my name at the top of this comment should get you there). My blog is about a lot of things, but amongst them are my efforts to edit my first ever completed full length manuscript (hooray!), which is an adventure story for 9 - 12 year olds with a touch of magical realism plus some thoughts about books

Anonymous said...

Oops! Oh and on twitter I'm @lacerslife !

Essie Fox said...

What a great idea from the birthday girl!

My blog is called The Virtual Victorian - Facts, Fancies and Fabrications. It may be linked to the Victorian age, but it's not at all prim or stuffy - I promise!

Today's post is all about an author who has had 6 books published by Random House, who was shortlisted for the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Dagger Award - and who has just self-published his latest novel online - and for free - and it's really good!

Come over and find out more. The VV would love to see you.

On Twitter, you'll find me as @essiefox


Simon Kewin said...

PS. Nicola - 1000 words per writing day is absolutely fine. Let's not get too bogged down in target culture.

Anna and Kate said...

I have seen the light! Thank you Sally!

Click my name and it will take you to link.

I love you Sally.

Kate Bentley x

TOM VOWLER said...

Hi all. Nicola's blog is brilliant; how I wish it existed when I wrote my first novel.

I'm nearly a year old myself. Come and say Hello. You'll find lots of articles on the craft of writing and you can watch me near the end of my first draft.

1,000 words a day is good, Nicola, and is my own minimum.

Here's to another great year.

Nicola Morgan said...

Morning, all! Sorry, I'm a bit late to my own party but we had a drama in the house last night: total loss of electricity, just our house, no known cause. This involved activity with burglar alarm companies, an expesnive but charming electrician and finally the electricty board, who fixed it at their expense (the problem was an inch outside our metre and therefore on their land - hooray!) with the guy incredibly managing to speak not a word.

Anyway, thank you for coming and I hope to toddle off to visit lots of your blogs during the day.

BUT - Sally, nooooo, I haven't said you can't plug your writing here today! You absolutely should - we want to know about it. I only meant that people shouldn't be trying to sell anything else - this was to prevent the occasional person who comes along trying to sell me shoes on my blog. I know that normally it's bad etiquette to go onto someone's comments section purely to plug one's own writing / blog, but this invitation is for you to do just that. So, plug away!

fairyhedgehog said...

Happy Birthday, Blog!

Congratulations on the success of Pen2Publication, Nicola! And thank you for the stories.

Oh, and I have a blog about books, writing, cats and anything else that takes my fancy. It's main attraction is that the entries are mostly brief. If you'd like to visit, it's here.

Sheila said...

Happy birthday to Nicola's blog - I've been very entertained and instructed by it since I discovered it, and wish it many happy returns of the day.
1000 words a day sounds like more than enough, especially if multiplied by 365! (366 in a leap year)
I've already had a look at a couple of the other blogs mentioned here, and I am quite embarrassed about mine as it wasn't until I read about today's extravaganza that I realised how long it was since I had updated it. It also tends to be quite short, and random, although meant to be a writing blog - life has intervened as it usually does.
best wishes,

Douglas Bruton said...

Just stumbled on this party... though I AM a registered follower. What a great idea. Well done to you, Nicola. And how generous of you to encourage wider communication between bloggers.

On my blog I am currently hanging up pieces of flash fiction that belong together. I am creating a whole week in a Scottish seaside town with some wonderful characters walking about in it. It's fun, for me at least.

my site is:

Now I shall visit some of the others here.

Many happy returns, Nicola, and good luck keeping to the new agreed target of 1000 words.


K M Kelly said...

Happy Birthday.

Follow my writing obsession here...

The Scribbling SeaSerpent

or, if you want to read something a bit different ...

A Patch of Dirt

Jo Franklin said...

Happy Birthday Crabbit Old Blog.
Thanks for all your wonderful advice and crazy stories of stupidity by the great unpublished.
Do you realise you are my mentor, Nicola?

Inspired by your first anniversary, I have started my own blog - The Children's Writer's Bookclub.

I hope that some of the writers that follow you will be interested in joining me to discuss the techniques used by published children's writers. And you never know, if we study hard we might be able to join the ranks of the great published.
I really hope Catherine Hughes pays me a visit.

I'm really looking forward to clicking around too see what everyone else is up to.

Sadly Nicola, I have to join you in breaking my writing habit for the next three months (builders blah, blah) so I forgive you for modifying your resolution so quickly and well done for recognising that it was necessary.

Have a great day.

SF said...

Happy blogday! This is one of the best blogs I've 'lurked' about in in the last year.
My blog is down under, at

Come visit for some musings on writing and language with the odd crochet piece thrown in.

Rhiannon Hart said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

I'm an agented YA fantasy author with her first book on submission and I write a book and writing blog at

Thanks for writing such an amazing blog! Now I'm off to visit some of the others.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday 'Help I Need a Publisher', Happy Birthday to You!

And thank you for being a great 'Twitter friend' too...I'm there as @helenahalme

My true series of 'How I Came to be in England' continues on my blog, where I also write about life in the UK as an ex-pat Finn. With the current Nordic weather though, I'm feeling quite at home.

Helena xx

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Nicola. Thanks for the wisdom and the laughs over the year.

My own blog is May Contain Nuts and it can be found at

Here I write about writing, books, movies, parenthood and pretty much anything that comes up my humpff.

Administrator said...

Happy Birthday, Nicola! This is a fab blog and we were honoured, at Strictly Writing, to have had you guest blog last year.

Over at Strictly a team of us post our humorous and (hopefully) informative take on various aspects of writing. Come visit us!

All hail the crabbit old bat!

Congrats on your success, Nicola.


Susie Nott-Bower said...

Happy Birthday, Nicola's blog! And may your moving et al go extremely easily and well.

I'm one of the 'Strictly' girls - you can find us on
We have 199 followers so far and would LOVE to go over the 200! Our blog is updated pretty much every day from a core of nine writers - published and aspiring, short-story creators and novelists - with one thing in common: an enduring love for the craft of writing. We also have competitions, regular interviews with writers and agents and lots of laughs!
Come and have a virtual cuppa char-char-char with us!

Susie Nott-Bower said...

Ooops! We are clearly in deep synchronicity over at Strictly today! Call it a pas de deux...

Go away google said...

Happy birthday to this blog!

I'm a professional writer and editor just getting established as a freelancer. Currently I'm doing a part-time stint at HarperCollins and have just launched a website.

I have a lot of experience with age 0-12, tie-in and novelty publishing, and I offer editorial and consultancy services. Nicola passes over clients from Pen2Publication when she feels my particular expertise would be a better fit for the book than hers.

AS well as my site, I have a free blog, where I post about writing and the publishing industry, including some useful tips. Today I'm talking about rhyming books, and the particular issues they raise.

I hope you'll take a look. I'm keen to build my contacts list, and it's also quite rewarding just to help people not in the industry (yet) work out what's going on in some of the more arcane corners of publishing.

Emma Darwin said...

Happy Birthday Help! May you live long and flourish - a much-needed oasis of sanity and good sense, and occasional crabbitness, in the peculiar world of the aspiring writer. And thanks for the party.

My blog is called This Itch of Writing: I write historical-ish fiction and I also teach creative writing. You can find me over there talking about writing, creativity, the writing life, and how sometimes the only thing you can do is admit to hating writing.

I'd love to have put up a suitable post specially for today, but as I'm drowning in marking students' work, revising for my Creative Writing PhD viva, finishing my third novel and trying to be a human being, I hope I'm forgiven for a day or two's delay.

Go away google said...

Blogger has evidently decided my website is part of its network. Not so. It's

And that's 'As', not 'AS'...

Catherine Hughes said...

Morning (just about!) Nicola and everyone. I am late to the party this morning, having unintentionally slept in.

You've already put a link to my blog in your post (blush, blush - thank you so much!) so I will just say that it is about trying to do or think something constructive every day. I say 'constructive' rather than 'positive' (although I tend towards the latter, too) because I have learned that, sometimes, a little wallowing in self-pity is actually good for you!

I am @CatONineTales on Twitter, too, and would love to have some more followers both there and on the blog.

Nicola, thank you for all your wonderfully informative posts. I feel like I have found a friend. I can't rememeber when I first arrived on this blog but I know it's been fabulously informative and entertaining from day one!

Here's to another successful year! And all the best with P2P also.

Emma Darwin said...

Oops! My Twitter name:


Jean said...

Ooh, I'm all excited. I've never been to a blog party before. Thanks to Nicola for the invite, and have a happy blog-birthday.

My memoir 'The Dark Threads' by Jean Davison (moi!) was published by Accent Press (2009). It's about my experiences of psychiatry in my teens-twenties when I was (mis)diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia and turned into a zombie with psychiatric drugs and electric shock treatment. It includes extracts from my medical case notes. My book raises disturbing questions about psychiatric treatment in the sixties and seventies, which are still relevant today.

My blog is
(or click on my name or photo here).

Ellen Brickley said...

Hello all - happy blog-birthday, Nicola! Have a new follower and permission to reduce your target to 1000 words as a birthday present :)

I'm an aspiring writer working on my first novel, I live in Dublin and I blog about books, writing and occasional real life stuff. Blog is here:

I have found some great new blogs from this post, Nicola, thanks so much!

Dan Holloway said...

The happiest of happy birthdays to you Nicola - 1000 words. Hmm. If we let you off, will there be chocolates all round for the next birthday?

So many lovely blogs - many I know, some I look forward to getting to know.

I'm part of Year Zero Writers - our blog ( has new fiction every day from one of our 20 writers, as well as free downloads of all our novels and anthologies. And on Saturdays we try and bend the grey cells by writing long articles about culture stuff - yesterday we were asking whether muses were a good or bad thing, for example.

My own blog is a mix of advice to writers, advice specifically for sel-fpublishers, and most of all showing off other people who do creative things better than I do
On twitter I'm @agnieszkasshoes

Off to do some following.

Daniel Blythe said...

I have been published for 16 years (I was a child prodigy) and yet I always learn something from your blog, Nicola. Long may it continue.

I don't blog properly, although my new publishers have made me set up a tentative one at (it's in need of serious updating), while my website, which I do update, is over at

Leela Soma said...

Happy Birthday Nicola.Have a great warm day in these snowy climes.

I'm writer and poet with a collection of poems and a debut novel published last year. Unique in that it is a first Indo- Scot novel written by a female writer from Glasgow.My blog tries to highlight the connections between the two great countries Scotland and India.Short,snappy eclectic topics also surface in the blog sometimes veering towards my experience of writing my next novel, my writers club and university classes.
Nicola, seeing its your birthday 500 - 750 words a day, go on, it'll give you time to be on twitter too and I love the tweets between you Carole and hprw.
Please visit.
Twitter: Glasgowlee

Nora Nadjarian said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations!

Though relatively new to blogging myself, I follow others for exchange of ideas and other delights.Like e-parties.

Anyway, I'm a Cypriot writer (yes, I write in English) published in UK, US, India, Israel and elsewhere and you can read some of my thoughts,poems,stories and irrelevancies here:

Why Betty Boop? You'll have to find out...
Twitter: NoraNadj

DT said...

Many haps, Nicola. I love the blog - it's made me think about what a blog is actually for - and what it isn't for. 1000 words a day seems pretty good going to me so keep up the good work!

I'm a mixed bag writer of articles, comedy and fiction, still chasing down the right agent or publisher.


My own blog can be found at:

Pageturners said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Welshcake said...

I'm an aspiring children's author, you can visit my blog by clicking on the link.

I'm experimenting with a weekly post on what's selling in the children's fiction market - I'd love to know if people think this is worthwhile.

Christine Coleman said...

Your baby is incredibly advanced - I'd have thought she was already well past the toddler stage and at least three years old. What a prodigy!
My own blog is nearly 8 months old and not even crawling yet.
Still,it's worth a visit for anyone interested in reading about the ups and downs of a novelist and poet. The latest posts gives details about the winners of my Book Cover Design Challenge. Take a look by clicking here.

Marisa Birns said...

Oh happy, happy wishes to you, Nicola on this wonderful milestone.

I've awakened very early to join your party!

My blog does not inform writers how to write, query, or get published. There are so many very capable people who do that quite well. You, Nicola, being at the head of the line!

If you visit, you will find stories. Short stories.

And a picture of my beautiful new basset hound puppy, Fern.

I'd be very honored to welcome visitors. I believe if you click on my name you'll be directed there. If not, it's:

And my Twitter is @marisabirns

Yes, of course, Nicola, 1000 words is just the "write" amount. You have my admiration.

Enjoy, everyone!

Anonymous said...

I found you via good Jane Smith.
I'm awful pleased, presented with
A fellow Scot, with wit to spare.
You don't find those just anywhere.

I read your post about your boots.
That one was worth a couple hoots.
So here we go: my blog I'll pimp.
Hop over there (or maybe limp).

Julie P said...

Oooh! Happy birthday for yesterday, Nicola, and well done on all of your successes over the past year. Long may it continue!

My blog
is a positive approach to writing with advice on what to do and not do when trying to get published and heralds the most important word for writers 'perseverence'!
I Have an article in Writers' Forum (Feb issue) about writing courses if anyone is thinking of doing one - my advice may help.

Here's to another fab writing year for everyone

Julie xx

Stephanie said...

Happy, happy birthday!

My blog is an ongoing account of my dance with breast cancer. It's really not as dull as that makes it sound. You may even laugh, once or twice.... Please comment, please follow, please feel free to email me via the blog too.

.... and on Twitter I'm @bahtocancer.

See you sson!

Katie Mayes said...

Happy Birthday!

Just hopped across from Write Words and what a fabulous blog this is.

I gave birth to my own blog on January 2nd this year and although it's very much in it's infancy, if it can get to anywhere near a year old then I'll have achieved something at least.

I'm a 30-something writer in practice starting the New Year by resolving to overcome her fears and get some work 'out there'.

If you feel inclined please visit:

Cathie Hartigan said...

Hey, aren't we supposed to give you lots of presents, Nicola? But what do I see here? An amazing gift to all of us - being able to link to easily to the like-minded. That's fantastic.
A thousand words? So many when I can hang on every one. Excellent.
I shall be delighted if your friends will come and visit me. I started it for my creative writing students and lately have been pleased to report not only on my small writing successes but theirs as well.

Kate Mascarenhas said...

Hello everyone. What a lovely opportunity to exchange ideas with other bloggers.

I am just making the transition from writing as a hobby, to writing professionally. Currently I'm drafting a novel about demonic possession, taking the Albina myth as my starting point.

My blog is still in the embryonic stages (only a week old) so I'd love to hear from some of you. I'm aiming to post flash fiction inspired by a different photograph every week.

NB Wordpress is being a bit temperamental today! If you get a blank page or a 404 message, you might need to hit refresh a couple of times.

Cathie Hartigan said...

Oh blast!

My twitter name is Glad2

Barb said...

Happy Blogging Birthday!

Thank you so much for all the advice I have received from your blogs. I read a lot of posts on writing advice from various sources - but it was you who taught me the most valuable skill I have, and one that I am often complimented on.

This came from a blog that you wrote about pace and how to vary sentence length and structure. It was a blog that changed everything for me, and whenever it is mentioned, I give you a mental thank you. I hope the boot fairies are putting credits in your account each time.

For any passing travellers, I have a blog that rambles through various writing topics. The latest one is asking for some thoughts on vampire motivation - please feel free to drop by.

Penny Dolan said...

Happy First Birthday, Nicola, and Congratulations! Love reading your blog when my energy is flagging and I need someone to give me a definite and determined shove with some pointy boots. And to stop me feeling sorry for myself.

Have just started a new blog where I can muse, moan or be inspired about the writing life prior to a certain novels publication, well away from what's become my "school visiting" blog.

Nicola Morgan said...

This is becoming a very busy day! I am trying to get round to lots of your blogs, especially the ones I haven't seen before, but it's taking a while because I keep getting distracted by your excellent writings and musings and general compelling stuff!

Jonathan - I enjoyed your Jane Austen fun but couldn't leave a comment. Am following you on twitter now, though, and am slowly wading through those others of you whom I wasn't already following.

Am now ploughing my way through all your lovely blogs but I'm not halfway yet and more keep being added! I may be some time...

Pageturners said...

Happy birthday!

My blog - - is a bloggy showcase for my book reviews for the Evening Herald, Ireland's national evening newspaper, and occasionally other articles.

Jo Franklin said...

Thanks for dropping by at my blog, Nicola. I thought I would be able to spend time with every one of your blog friends today - but there are so many of them that I am having to be a little selective.

Hope you are enjoying your party.

Cathy said...

Happy blog birthday and thanks for all the wonderful information and advice here. I've found it very helpful while writing my first novel.

My blog is at
where I write not only about my writing, but also about many other things which take my fancy or affect my life, especially autism.

I'm also founder and now co-editor (with Helen) of book blog Bookersatz at

You may recognise me on Twitter as @cathy_w

Jemi Fraser said...

Of course you can reduce your goal - just do your best!!

Happy birthday to your blog & I really enjoyed your gift - Simon sounds great :)

I'm an aspiring writer of romantic mysteries and YA Steampunk at the moment. Obviously I like diveristy :)

Look forward to "meeting" some new folks. Thanks for the party :)

I live in Canada. My Twitter name is @jemifraser.

My blog is called Just Jemi & the address is:

Jo Treggiari said...

Happy Birthday, Nicola's blog. Great great blog that you are!
I'm an american Jo (although I was actually born in London).
My blog is named after my first published book main character, and that's a real family name. Currently I'm writing YA (and isn't everyone?). I blog about writing mainly but also juggling, depression, food, children, books and sometimes octopi or other clever animals.

Jo Treggiari said...

And I'm @jotreggiari on twitter!

Dolly said...

Happy Birthday! 1000 good words a day are better than 1500 forced words.

My writing blog is devoted to my personal experiences as an aspiring writer. My goals, dreams, rejections and things I learn along the way, as well as pictures of cuties on special occassions are what you will find there.

Dolly said...

PS. my twitter is @lostwanderer5

already following you there

Unknown said...

forgot to say that my twitter id is @mickmal

Catherine Hughes said...

Cor, Nicola - this is also your 200th post!

Steve said...

Happy birthday dear blog.

I found you recently via another post and have already added you to my New Year's reading list (much more fun that than a resolutions list).

My blog ( is more about images than the written word. But I can be found writing things on Twitter, where I'm @cdlcreative


David John Griffin said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Nicola! It's always enjoyable to read your posts.

I loved your stories; laughed out loud!

Blog-puffing: please drop by to The Writer's Ladders and I'll put the kettle on...

Even reducing your daily writing goal to 1000 words, you still put me to shame!

Here's hoping that your blog, novel writing and Pen2Publication go from strength to strength.


Tamsyn Murray said...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Crabbit Blog,
Happy Birthday to you!

Here's to many more wise (and amusing) posts!

David John Griffin said...

Whoops; I also forgot to mention my Twitter address: @DavidGriffin10


Old Kitty said...

Only found your blog on 1 January 2010 - when I started mine!

It's been a great help reading your advice on blogging do's and don'ts, your many other sound advice and inspirational stories

Happy birthday!

runnerbean16 said...

Happy Blog Birthday Nicola!

I shall go and eat a bar of chocolate as a celebration and I will think of you as I do so! ;)


Theresa Milstein said...

Happy birthday, Nicola! Also, congratulations on Pen2Publication. If 1k is your goal, so be it. I write more or less, depending on the day.

Thanks for this great opportunity. My manuscripts are fantasy MG and YA, but I have no agent or contract (Boo!). Currently, I'm a substitute teacher who cannot find full-time employment as there are NO jobs in my field due to the rotten economy. My blog "Substitute Teacher's Saga" chronicles my life as a sub (obviously), writer, and parent/wife. Come visit!

If you look at my seven entries for January, you'll get a great sense of the entire blog. I'm particularly proud of "Raised Right".

Cat Clarke said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the invaluable advice over the last year. We all appreciate it, big time!

My blog is THIS COUNTS AS WRITING, RIGHT? Mostly about procrastinating, YA books and cheese. I'm a YA writer, debuting in January 2011.

I'm also on twitter: @cat_clarke

Rachel said...

What wonderful blogs here to have a read of and a very happy birthday :D

You're all welcome to have a look at my blog. I don't sell anything or advertise anything really. I write poetry, I teach and write about yoga and I'm half way through my first novel (me and 50% of the population!)

Looking forward to "meeting" some new bloggers!

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Many happy returns, Nicola! I've found your blog massively informative - keep up the good work. 1000 words a day sounds good to me.

My name's Valerie, and I'm a creative writing student at the University of Manchester. My blog,, is mainly given over to my experience as an MA student, so that other people who might be thinking of doing an similar course can read all about it. I'm hoping somebody out there might find it useful.

I'm also writing a novel, but am nowhere near the agent-hunting stage yet.

And I'm @valerieoriordan on twitter!

JaneF said...

Happy blog birthday Nicola!

I think I am the only person here who doesn't have a blog, but I have been enjoying reading other people's. A bit too much, actually - where's lunch!?

Jen Campbell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen Kozeniewski said...

Happy Birthday! We turned one year old yesterday, ironically.

What do you do with the best of the dregs? Post it here, of course.

Linda Strachan said...

Happy Birthday Nicola! An amazing year, I've no idea where you get the energy!

I write for children of all ages - picture books to YA - and my book WRITING FOR CHILDREN is for aspiring and newly published writers.

My website is

I blog on and do the occasional guest blog

I don't have a blog of my own yet but my New Year resolution is to start one.

Anonymous said...

I've only clicked a handful of blogs, but Anna Bowles's is wonderful as always. Emma Darwin's is a new treat. Leela Soma introduced me to the Silappatikaram, which to my shame I'd never heard of. And I only accidentally clicked on Stephanie's blog about breast cancer, because honestly, do I want to read something so horribly grim? But in fact her blog is charming and lovely.

So I win the birthday party.


Ey Wade said...

Happy Birthday. Learned a lot in this past year from your blog. My blog applauds you from across the waters at

I'am a writer and a writer writes. That's all I do. Thanks to you, I'm off to meet others with the same addiction. Twitter me @jumpouttheboat

Nicola Slade said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Nicola and may there be many more of 'em!

I'm another Nicola and although I don't blog I do have a website: (or click on my name which will get you there in the end).

I write cosy Victorian mysteries - the latest is "Death is the Cure" and the mini blurb is:
" An inquisitive young widow finds that Bath is not as genteel as she expects and that an innocent visit to ‘take the cure’ could turn out to be fatal. Among other things, she encounters a swordstick, a wooden leg, a man whose hobby is funerals, a murder, and some fearsome-looking electrical medical equipment!"

I pretty much write Cheerful Murders - there's an oxymoron for you!

paris parfait said...

Bonjour from Paris! Congrats on your first blog anniversary! Hasn't blogging created some dramatic change in your life? Wishing you continued success. Will celebrate my fourth anniversary of blogging at Paris Parfait later this month. Blogging really has opened many doors, most of them good!

Sulci Collective said...

Happy birthday Nicola's blog and many happy returns on all its wisdom and entertainment.

You certainly have my permission - not that you need it - to lower the word count. Never mind the width, feel the quality ... or some such

I do have a blog for flash, shorts and opinions and another for the self-publishing process. But I'd really like to offer a collective writers' Blog which I'm a member of called Year Zero Writers

where we pool resources for independent publishing, offer debates on craft issues and pen some fairly out-there prose to reflect the new media for literature. Please come visit and comment.

my personal blog is

Cheers and here's to the power of the pen in Ten

Jen Campbell said...

Happy Blogday, Nicola :) it's amazing to see how many followers you've accumulated over the year and a huge thank you to the huge effort you put into this site. A special thanks for the chance to take part in your submission spotlight (scared as I was about going first!).

I leave a link to my blog, where I'm talking about my year out to write my book having just finished my degree. I post videos of my spoken word performances, there are podcasts from my slots on BBC Radio talking about my writing, and the general chitter chatter/stress that being a writer involves :p

I've put a little introductory post up today :)

Much love - and wine!! xx

Scott said...

Happy Birthday!!!

My blog is somehow like me, a bit snarky, okay, a lot snarky, but it's all genetics. I blame it all on my mother. Anyhow, it's all about writing, my journey, my thoughts and questions, and links to other writing blogs, check out the followers, some great blogs there as well.

Bill Kirton said...

It’s my first e-party and nice to find one which doesn’t involve standing in the kitchen moaning about stuff. Thanks Nicola. (BTW, your request to reduce the word count echoes uncomfortably in Calvinist ears but in the circumstances and with a vow to make up for it later, it seems reasonable.)
I write crime novels and short stories as well as books aimed at helping students with their writing and other study skills. I also write freelance things for commercial clients, so I eat and drink regularly.
I’ve already visited several of the blogs listed and, with a couple of them, I wonder how on earth I didn’t already know about them. My own blog is called Living and Writing and Stuff, which sums it up really. I try to be funny now and then and provocative about writing (merely in the sense that I try to provoke readers to try new things with their own writing). There are revelations, parodies, the occasional serious thought but mostly stuff which has been called quirky – which is fine because it’s never right to take oneself too seriously.

Anonymous said...


jonathan pinnock said...

Glad you enjoyed Mrs Darcy, Nicola! I've turned comments off for the time being, apart from the regular "Previously ..." posts. Not sure if that's a good idea or not. Oh, and I forgot to mention that she has her own Twitter account, @RealMrsDarcy.

Colette Martin said...

Wow Nicola. Congrats! and what an awesome party!

My blog isn't about writing. It is my writings about corporate life, which I happily escaped to become a writer. Does that count? If so (or for those who also escaped and want to reminisce) please join me at:

My twitter id is @cfmjewels

I am going to get busy checking out all the great blogs and twitterers here.

Nicola, heck -- you can not only reduce to 1000 words, I think you should take your birthday blog week off!!

Clare said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Nicola!

Thanks for your pressie - I had only read one of the stories before but I still laughed aloud second time around. :)

In exchange for your gift, I offer one of my own - I shall undertake to write your "lost" 500 words daily for the year.

JaneF - you are not alone as I have neither blog nor website either. If I did, I would NEVER get any serious writing done. Our times will come ;)

On Twitter as @celticchilli but rarely visit.

Happy partying everyone!


Marshall Buckley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clare said...

Ooops, proving that I do only use Twitter rarely, I posted the wrong address last time. Should read - @Celticchilli

Marshall Buckley said...

My goodness. So many - well deserved - comments. And I'm flattered to be mentioned!

I suspect, being such a late-comer to today's party, that many won't read this far down, although I do intend to review all the comments and as many blogs as possible over the next couple of days.

If, however, you have made it here, please visit my blog - and follow me on Twitter @MarshallBuckley

And, to Nicola, a very Happy Blog Birthday.

(Previous comment deleted due to HTML failure on my part. D'oh!)

Rosalind Adam said...

Happy birthday, Nicola. Hope there are some nibbles left for me. My blog says that I'm writing in the rain. I talk about children's writing plus snippets about life with a not-very-well husband. It's on and I twitter (more than is good for my writing) on RosalindAdam.

I love your blog so here's a toast to many more years and lots more such parties. It's a great idea. 1000 words a day sounds admirable, by the way. I'm happy if I manage 500. Hic! I never could take alcohol!

BucksWriter said...

Happy Birthday to this great blog that I discovered for the first time today!

I am a brand new writer, just starting to turn ideas into actual words on paper. My blog is only five days old and it needs followers who are willing to hold it's hand while I take baby steps into the writing world.

You can find me on Twitter @buckswriter or on my blog

BucksWriter said...

Ooops, terrible apostrophe error in that last comment, told you I was a new writer (hangs head in shame)...

Karen said...

1000 words a day is still a lot!

Happy Blog Birthday and here's to many more :o)

My blog is Get On With It which charts my writing ups and downs (I've just got an agent so I guess that's an 'up') and I often mention my dog, and the library where I work. Oh and the snow recently, because there's been so much of it.

Susie Nott-Bower said...

Karen, just tried to access your blog and it wouldn't work - can you post again?

Charlie Rice said...

Happy Birthday Nicola!!! (...and stop pretending to be crabbit)

You asked earlier in the week what we'd like to see more of on your blog. Just like the advice you and others give, write what you're passionate about.

My blog is just another emerging-writer type thingy. The only unique perspective is that it’s written from the point of view of an idiot.

Gillian Philip said...

Hey, I just found out there's a party going on! Happy Blogday Nicola! Is there any red wine left? Any ginger biscuits? Do you have a photo of yourself with any form of ginger?

Congratulations and fab that Pen2Publication is going so well too.

I don't have a blog but I'm determined to take the plunge so I'm off to read some of the ones linked here (and follow you all on Twitter). My website is at - and I'm @Gillian_Philip on Twitter.

Have a lovely second year, Crabbit! xx

Nicola Morgan said...

Busckwriter - don't worry about typos in comments - happens all the time!

EVERYONE - I am exhausted and overwhelmed by how much fun this was today. (Not finished yet, I know - do keep coming!) Anyway, I've spent hours visiting loads of your blogs and /or following you on Twitter, where there's also been huge activity, and I've commented on LOADS and not commented on others, but not because i didn't want to, just because i ran out of finger power. Plus, my husband doesn't know what the hell's going on.

Please don't be offended if I didn't leave a comment - I hope to meet you all again over the next months anyway, and to get to know you.

Later today, I'll keep coming back to see who else has joined us or unlurked, but meanwhile I need to go and do a piece of actual work...


Nicola Morgan said...

Gillian - you keep that root ginger info to yourself please! And if you're thinking of blackmailing me, think again, lady! (Anyone who isn't a Facebook acquaintance of mine will not know what I'm talking about - FB friends please shut up!!)

Would it help if i told them what a brill writer you are, Gillian? I've just read crossing the Line and it was fab. I tweeted about it some time ago. See? There, that should do it.

Megs - Scattered Bits said...

Happy Birthday, Nicola Morgan!

I love your blog and I think you should definitely be permitted only 1000 words a day. (I aim for about 100 myself. :grins: But I also don't count blog posts...)

Thank you for the over 100 blogs and Twitters to check out already. (I foresee weeks upon weeks of checking out this list. :sighs: )

My own website is Odds and Ends and Scattered Bits at I explore writing, languages, and helpful links to other articles out and about on the web. I'm a newbie to this world, but I'm having fun.

My Twitter is @scatteredbits.

Dave said...

Happy Birthday Nicola

I'm coming late to the party today because we had a power cut.

I'm an actor and a writer. My blog is called Dave Wrote This. I look forward to reading everybody else's.

Gillian Philip said...

Ooh, thanks Nicola! As bribes go that'll do nicely! My lips are sealed on the ginger front. No, I shall never tell. Never. Just now.

Flixton Mum said...

Happy Birthday Nicola

I bring shame on all good bloggers, so in honour of this party and to save you all a wasted journey, I've removed my blog from public readership.

I don't know about anyone else, but I was surprised the other day when you said you were only one year old, I thought this blog had been around for years. I found this blog in May and lurked for a bit before joining.

I was a little daunted by it at first because there is so much information on here, but every day I read a little bit more so I'm getting around it slowly. I have also discovered you are a little less scary than you at first appear, although I am less productive when you are nice and gushing.

I look forward to lots of crabbitness this year.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Happy Birthday, Nicola and seeing all the comments 48 hrs enough?!! It will take me a week at least to get through here and visit all the blogs of your wonderful followers!

I hail from the (U.S.) Mountain West, and my writer blog is (current post on e-publishing)
and my fun blog is

Stop by and say hi! Cheers!

One of Them said...

Many happy returns.

My name is Mr Carruthers and I am a fictional gestalt entity with moustache and blog updated every day: Mr Carruthers Presents...Daily blog

It's crammed full of nonsense.

I twitter at @mrcpresents

Old Kitty said...

Hi again

Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement, Nicola.

I've resisted the twitter temptation so far but maybe not for long now...then again, I don't have a mobile phone either.

What a confession!

Take care

Unknown said...

I've brought some twiglets, I hope I'm not too late.Thank you for letting me gatecrash your party, Nicola and many happy returns.

I blog under the moniker, The Fall Girl. A relatively new obsession for me after quitting the murky world of magazine publishing to finish my first novel: Glorius Underachievers Club. The blog contains my 'enlightened' yet cheeky contemplations as I grapple to adjust to life outside the constraints of a 9-5 job.

New blog post: A pictorial meander through the lengths of which I go to avoid Writing.

Oh and I tweet. Obsessively. @nickilemas

Ron Morgans said...

1. The term applied to a day on which some remarkable event is annually celebrated, or a day on which an interesting event is commemorated by solemnities of religion, or exhibitions of respect.

Many congrats, Nicola, on a sageful and wonderful blog. (I'm allowed to make up words on such a day.)

My own ragtag blog attempts liftoff weekly, often crashing on re-entry, but, like you, I try darned hard to fly.

Keep the words flowing. Ron Morgans

Unknown said...

Amazing. What a community you've got going here, Nicola. Lots of excellent new blogs to read - and if we could just get Gillian Philip going on her blog...

Roz Morris aka @Roz_Morris . Blog: Nail Your Novel said...

Great party - happy birthday and I'm having a ball meeting all these great people!

I'm Roz Morris, or @dirtywhitecandy and my blog is - inspiration and creative provocation for writers.

I write fiction (many ghostwritten titles published) but my current book is Nail Your Novel - why writers abandon books and how you can draft, fix and finish with confidence. If you want to give it a road-test, the e-book is FREE on my site - just come to the homepage and click on the sidebar. Delighted to make your acquaintance!

Unknown said...

A very happy blog birthday to you :) I just stumbled upon this blog, but it looks relevant to my interests, so I'll probably be returning to check it out.

I blog under maybe genius. It's a baby YA writer blog following my journey through novel-writing, poetry, prose, and (hopefully someday) the publication process.

Also includes music videos, my thoughts on writing with a YA bent, and the insanity of my dreams.

David Belbin said...

Happy birthday, blog. Here I am, fashionably late as ever. Where's the smoking area? God, it's cold out here. I'm an author, but I blog more about music than literature (well, unless you're big on Graham Greene).

Nicola Morgan said...

David - how lovely to see you here! The smoking area is out in the snow, I'm afraid. But the drinking area is well and truly indoors. Am now off to visit your blog, which i've read in the past but not recently. You're a seasoned blogger, I know. And, more than being a writer, you also teach writing, so you know what you're on about.

Have just been over to Roz Morris's place and seen some excellent advice for writers, even published ones, about WRITING, more than how to get it published. And remember, it IS the writing what counts, folks.

Nicola, Ron, and maybe genius - I'll get round to you later this evening but I'm supposed to be a) cooking and b) working just now.

Michael - a Gillian Philip blog would certainly be worth following!

Harry Markov said...

Nicola! I love ya! Thanks for all the advise, the tough love and the wisdom. Happy birthday and many many more years to come. 1,000 is okay with me as long as you don't scold me for doing 500 a day, because I know devote 10 hours per day doing exam studying. Thankfully it's only this month and then in July again.

And thanks for mentioning me, even if I serve more as the sponge/echo kind of guy. I feel so exotic.


"English-as-second-language situation + writing in English aspiration = YaY! or a train wreck in the making" []


Twitter name: @harrymarkov


I want to do so many comment, but maybe I will keep it around 8 if all goes according to plan.

Gillian Philip said...

Ooh, David, can I cadge a fag? I've given up but see when I'm at a party, I can't resist...

Michael, Nicola, you're very kind and I'm very lazy. It's my New Year's Resolution to try though!

Whirlochre said...

Here c/o the delightful Fairyhedgehog.

First visit. Like what I see. Will be back after the snow has cleared.

My own blog is here.

Despite current penile snowman post, it is a writing blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicola,

Congratulations!Hope you had a fab day on your blog, it looks fantastic and is a fabulous resource for sound advice. Its late in the day. I was unavoidably called away to a 5 year olds birthday party and although your party is great, there were blood ties to consider. One doesn't receive that many social invitations anymore since becoming both a mother and writer. You can socialize with me on my blog Head about Water where I write about writing (fiction and poetry)amidst chaos (4 kids), talk about how to use your pet giraffe to help you procrastinate and why freeze lit and the nine fingered writer are the next big things.

All the best!

Unknown said...

Gillian, as the great man Yoda once said - There is no "try" there is only "do".

Catt said...

Happy Blog-birthday, Nicola! :D

It's a bit late in the day but isn't this the time that parties begin, not end? So Cheers!

I have not a blog or twitter relating to writing, but I am an [aspiring] writer with a twitter, and Nicola says I should tell you party-goers my twitter name because I am funny and nice.

I think I am just a random student/reader/writer who drinks too much red wine and moans about all sorts and rambles.

but yes, on twitter I am


which sums me up in one word. I'm following a few of you on twitter now and shall check out a few blogs too. :)

Gillian Philip said...

No, no, Michael, he said 'No try there is. Only do there is.'

Gillian Philip said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rosalind Adam said...

Hi again Nicola. Sorry but have a burning need to know more about the root ginger conspiracy.

Michelle said...

Happy birthday! And wow, how wonderful to have so many well-wishers.

My children's writing critique group blogs at

Steena Holmes said...

Nicola - in honor of your birthday - I've served up some decadent chocolate cake on my blog Chocolate Reality. Enjoy :)

Nik Perring said...

Happy blog birthday Nicola - many happy returns.

Err I'm a writer who blogs here and Twitters at @nikperring


Colette Martin said...

This is so much fun! I am finding so many great blogs, and next will get busy following many of you on twitter. Thanks to all who stopped by my place (listed earlier).

I am amazed at how many YA writers are here. My current focus is non-fiction, but at least one of the novels I have rolling around in my head is YA. Perhaps I should re-think that...

Mary Hoffman said...

Happy blogday, Dear Nicola! I have been out all day retrieving my car from snowy London so am late to the party.

Can I have a whisky Mac and a vegetable samosa?

Can't read through all those gazillions of comments but raise my glass to all you party people here gathered to celebrate.

I don't know if clicking on Book Maven will take you to my blog but it's and I'm @MARYMHOFFMAN on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

135 comments already? That's insane, Nicola. Your blog is morphing into Nathan Bransford's!

If you aren't too hungover, all Gods and Goddesses should pop over to Musings of a Penniless Writer. You'll find animated discussions, hawt men and literary musings galore.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Nicola, I still remember crawling into my bed at the end of a very long day last year. I was reading a few blogs on my laptop before falling asleep and discovered your blog.

By the time I got to the Do Not Ever, Ever Send Toffee to an Agent (Yes, I Mean You) post, I was hooked. I've been reading every since. Thanks for investing yourself in this blog and it's readers.

Thank you also for introducing this American to the word 'crabbit' and then so effectively demonstrating its meaning day after day. May you remain at the top of "crabbit old bat" Google searches.

I share my blog with the other members of my critique group, the Slushbusters. We blog about kidlit, so you'll find author interviews, thoughts about writing, rants about revision ... you get the idea.

Can't wait to have fans of Nicola drop by.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to a crabbit old blog! One of the most informative and constructive writing sites out there....

I have a new, and (I hope) not always crabbit, blog at If January's going to be anything to go by, then it spends its time reading things, watching things, and trying to walk in the snow...

catdownunder said...

Just surfacing from a cat nap. (It was a very, very hot night here.) Nicola this is fun, thankyou for organising it. Being a curious cat I am going to prowl into some more blogs just as soon as I have filled the bird baths yet again!

Lorelei Armstrong said...

Hau'oli la hanau! A year already!

I created my blog when I sold my first novel, and now that I'm working on the second, I'm trying to blog more regularly.

Melinda Szymanik said...

I do loves a party, although crikey there's so many people I ended up standing in the garden. Happy first Nicola. And 1000 words a day sounds more than enough.

I have a blog at which allows me to indulge my need to hear/read the sound of my own voice on a regular basis. I'm a published children's author from NZ trying to wedge more than just my toe through the door of publication.

Delia Lloyd said...


Happy Birthday Nicola!

I'm Delia Lloyd and I blog at It's a blog about "finding yourself in adulthood" and all that that journey entails. I cover topics ranging from therapy to religion to parenting to...writing.

I also tweet @realdelia.

Do come by and visit.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Your party has been so fun, Nicola. I've found a lot of great new blogs to follow. It's like wanting to talk to people but not daring to until your are properly introduced. So thanks for "introducing" us all!

Roderic Vincent said...

Thanks for the party, Nicola. I'm one of the team at Strictly Writing, but I won't leave a link as a couple of my fellow Strictlies have already done so. I have been zipping about reading some of the blogs puffed above. What a great idea.

Pippa said...

Where's the cake?
I did think you'd get one, even a tiny one-candled cupcake! (Which would be appropriate, but a tad tricky to share.)

Before I totter off to explore blog heaven, I will give my friend Lisa's blog a mention. I don't blog. If I did I would never get anything else written, so I do admire all you organised souls who manage to do both: (1000 words a day and a blog sounds reasonable to me, NM)

You can see Lisa at

Pippa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen Campbell said...

Ooo, forgot to add in my twitter. My blog details are up there ^^^ *points*

My twitter is:


Suzie F. said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Nicola!

I've loved your posts ever since I found you about 8 months ago. I'm looking forward to 2010 and your focus on craft. I don't have my own blog yet, but perhaps this will be the year.

Thank you to all who posted links to your blogs. I can't wait to explore.

Keren David said...

Came late to this but happy blog birthday Nicola! Great party for a great blog. I blog about writing and whatever and my blog is

Ebony McKenna. said...

I'm arriving very late to the party (any crisps and dip left?)
Happy Bloggy Birthday to you Nicola,
and thanks for the mention in your post!

Love Ebs

Guinevere said...

How fun! Just discovered your blog today from a link over at Frankie Writes.

My blog is This Is Not My Day Job, because writing is not -- yet. I blog about my adventures on the way to publication!

Arlee Bird said...

Getting right to the point: Posting everyday since it started in September 2009(except one negligent Saturday towards the start) is my eclectic blog TOSSING IT OUT. Still want more readers and more commenters. And please feel free to get tough with me as I am here to hone my writing skills. There is a lot of content here so please check it out.

Elizabeth West said...

Happy Birthday to the Crabbit Old Blog! :)

I've been writing for years and now I'm querying my first novel, a crime thriller called ROSE'S HOSTAGE. I've started a blog to share my own observations on writing, editing and artistic generalities. You can find me at

Looking forward to seeing the work of others. Thanks for this post, Nicola!

Jill said...

This is my first blog party! I have two blogs, one has a British enlightenment theme, and the other is my writing blog. On both, I've asked for flash fiction entries--any fiction for my writing blog, and historical flash fiction, vignettes, etc. for my enlightenment blog. I'd love to get some entries--humor always wins me over. Click on my name, and you'll find my blogs under my profile.

p.s. for the historical fiction, I stretch the enlightenment period from 17th C all the way through the regency period, and I'm not picky. I'd probably take something Victorian, too.

Readerly Person said...

Happy Blirthday! I just stumbled on this blog from "How Publishing Really Works," and am loving it so far. I'm always happy to discover new and interesting blogs!

Mine, where I blog about such interesting things as my love of books, writing, addicting TV shows, and randomness, as well as elephants (sometimes), is here (and in my name):

Hope to see some of you stop by!

Kaye Manro said...

This is an amazing blog! I found your comment at my friend, Debs and came over.

I write romance and have a book coming soon called Forbidden Love.

You can find me on my blog by clicking my name. I love to talk about all aspects of writing and do so often on my blog.

Have the very best Happy Blog Birthday!

Thanks! Kaye

Lorelei Armstrong said...

Just wanted to say happy birthday again and thank you for making it so enjoyable for everybody. My first ever blog party. This was a real boost for the community of writers, and I'm sure we all appreciate it. Mahalo!

Miriam Drori said...

Nicola, thank you so much for doing this. I have met some amazing people and also received lovely comments on my blog, including some from people who didn't know about SA.

And you praised the way I wrote about it. What more could I ask for?

Nicola Morgan said...

Monday morning and it's all looking a bit messy! Anyway, we're still here, until i do a proper writing post, which should be tomorrow. So, if you want to tell us about any more blogs or whatever, please do. I've visited nearly all the blogs from yesterday (still a few to do) or at least I've added you on Twitter, and will get to know you like that. I had 1,500 visitors to my blog yesterday, which was a bit of a record and I'm stunned and flattered and obviously very happy. Thank you all.

But the hard work begins tomorrow. Actually, it begins today, because I do have 1000 words to write of my own WIP...

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! even 1000 words a day seems impressive to me, so I'm sure no one will hold it against you to drop down to that.

Living in Dublin, I'm a writer who managed to sneak into a job in publishing. I'm still a novice and love to share all I learn. I'll blog about writing, publishing and anything else that pops into my head.

fairyhedgehog said...

I had no idea you'd visit all the blogs and I was delighted to see you over at mine.

What a fantastic blog birthday this has been (and it's not over finished yet).

Old Kitty said...

Thank you so much Nicola for this wonderful opportunity to meet so many other bloggers blogging about writing and other creative endeavours.

There's so many more to visit and I look forward to reading others' blogs soon - hours permitting.

But thank you for kick starting a wonderful year for blogging - and writing- for me!

Take care

Jean said...

I'm in blog heaven! It's been great visiting lots of blogs, and I've still got lots more to visit in the days ahead. I've also received some lovely comments on my blog. There are some wonderful people out there.

I'm wondering now if I'm missing out with not being on Twitter, which I've resisted so far because I need more time for writing.

Nicola, your blog is outstandingly popular and it's obvious why. Thank you so much for a fantastic blog party.

Jayne said...

Just squeezing myself in to the blog birthday party! Plumps down virtual gift of wine on nearest surface.

My blog is called A Novice Novelist, clicking on my name should take you there. I was made redundant in 2007 and decided to pursue a writing dream instead - been an exhilarating and somewhat choppy ride at times! My twitter name is @jayneferst.

Congratulations on your blog’s first birthday, Nicola, and may it have many more. I look forward to reading your posts, and will take on board the advice given out generously to writers far and wide. I have bookmarked this entry and hope to visit as many new blogs as I can over the coming weeks. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Goodness! I've only scheduled in half a hour for blog-hopping but now I see it's going to take me all afternoon! Happy Birthday and thanks for all the advice you've given out over the last year.

I'm an Edinburgh based writer and on my blog you will find notes from book and author events, author interviews and links to competitions and opportunities for writers.

Twitter @mywritinglife

DOT said...

Eek! late as usual, (but then I am an alcohol free zone, so no point in turning up early) belated happy blogday.

adele said...

Happy Birthday! And don't worry about the COUNT of word, Nicola. Just do SOME words every day and you'll be fine. I started the year with similar ambitions and have scaled down....enjoy the day!

Jen said...

Oh dear, late as usual. There again, if a party's good, it's worth carrying on the knees-up for another day, surely?

I write short stories, dodgy haiku and mainly blog about the tortures of trying to write my second novel whilst counting cows and typing stuff about bits of grass. Yes, I'm mostly moaning.

I'm on Twitter too (much) @spiralskies

Happy Belated Blog Birthday

Jo Treggiari said...

What a fun idea. Made the tour of most of the blogs and websites (I think). Woke up with an awful hangover this morning so may have missed a couple. Met many gifted and interesting writers and writerly folk.
Thanks for hosting, Nicola!

Fionnuala said...

God! I promised myself I'd write this afternoon - all afternoon and then I went on Strictly to catch up with the others ( and learned about your birthday.
I've been reading your blog with its wonderful tips and humour for what must be a year but seems so much longer?
Happy birthday and here's wishing you every success for 2010

iffath said...

*170 comments later..*
Happy Blog Birthday, Nicola! Sorry for the late comment!

Hii! My name is Iffath and I am the proud blog owner (!) of! My blog talks about books, my fabulous teen life, which is all about books, and guess what: MORE BOOKS! I also have an interview with new author Keris Stainton on Thursday so watch my space to find out lots about her and maybe even a giveaway! You can also find me on Twitter, on @lovereadingx :D x

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the party. My blog is a combo of everything. On women issues, writers against racism, travel, and I'm always funny.
Please check me out as I will be checking out all of you. or click on my picture. Happy Writing!!

Ann said...

Happy Blog Birthday to you!! Many blog posts too! I guess you need music! Thanks for all the useful info you share. I really need all the help I can get!!! As I venture hobbling along in the blogsphere etc.

My blog is Inkpots & Quills and can be found at:

Margaret Adams said...

Happy Birthday to the Blog and to its writer!

I write a blog for writers, too. It's aimed to help writers to be more business-focused and to earn more from their writing.

Yes, I'm on Twitter.

I'll be visiting some of the other sites mentioned in the post and saying hello.

Margaret Adams

Tangledally said...

Happy Blog Birthday to you!
I'm sorry that I'm late to the party, but I'm very much enjoying meeting all of your guests.

Rebecca Knight said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Nicola! I'm also fashionably late, but wanted to join the blog-mingling fun!

I'm an aspiring author who loves sharing the tips, tricks, and advice I learn along the way, including publishing info, book reviews, editing drama, and the occasionally bit of weirdness. Please stop by :)--I'd love to hear from you!

I'm excited to see everyone's blogs today :).

@twoheadknight (on Twitter)

D.J. Morel said...

Just found your blog today, so Happy Birthday! Looking forward to reading more of it. Please, no rubbish books though, so 1,000 words per day is plenty-o-words.

Here's my blog. It's on my reading, writing, and publishing life, but lately has been kind of cranky. Cheer up already, I told myself this morning.

Rebecca Knight said...

Also, we don't mind at all if you do 1000 words a day. Sounds like a good goal to me! Chin up, Nicola :). You rock!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Nicola!! Of course you can reduce your word count if you need to! ;-) Personally, I think I'm doing good when I get in over 500! LOL

I'm an aspiring author of urban fantasy, and I tend to ramble on about it--which is why I spared my family's ears and made a blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh and my twitter is @MireyahWolfe

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Thanks for hosting this party! One of my goals this year is to read more blogs, so I'm looking forward to mingling here.

My day job is in an enzyme lab, and I write science fiction/fantasy. I've published one short story and am revising a novel. My blog is titled Dual Citizenship in SpecFic and Mundania. Among other things, I discuss science articles, contribute to a writing blog chain, and post pictures of a cute toddler. My username on Twitter @ulbrichalmazan. Please stop by!

Scott from Oregon said...

I write with giant hands and fat fingers. Seriously, I'm a builder and I type with what feels like male appendages sewn to my fat palms.

Sometimes I work on a fiction piece, and sometimes I tell stories. Oh, I take pictures too...

Kath McGurl said...

Aw, I'm late to the party, is there any cake left? No? Any booze then? Oh well, here, I brought a bottle of Pinot Grigio...

I'm a writer of women's magazine short stories. I blog at

And belated Happy Birthday to Nicola's blog!!

Laura Elliott said...

Happy Blog Birthday Nicola! Sorry I'm so painfully late. Anyhoo, thanks for hosting this great way to get to know other bloggers.

My blog is Laurasmagicday:

I write about writing [from an aspiring YA magical realism author perspective] and my new focus is on magical realism. I also like to write about finding magic in the everyday, most of the time.

My twitter is Laurawriting.

kanishk said...
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Andrea said...

That's a great idea from birthday girl. Thanks for it. Really nice one. Thanks for the party.

New Intern on the Block said...

Your blog keeps me grounded as a writer. Thank you!

my bloggity:

my twitterism: @brideofabull

with love


Jesse Owen said...

Happy belated Blog Birthday Nicola.

I've really enjoyed, um catching up over the last few weeks with all the posts here and can't believe how much useful information there is here and all in just one year.

Nicola Morgan said...

Metalda - welcome! Very nice to hear from you.

Jesse - and I can't believe you've actually read the WHOLE blog from beginning to end in a couple of weeks! It's been very nice following your progress as you've put comments on all sorts of old posts that I didn't know anyone would bother with any more. Thank you!

Lo said...

How lucky can you get? I just stumbled into your blog in time to wish it a happy BD (and many more).
I am new to blogging and am as wide-eyed as a child in a candy factory so do forgive my unsophisticated enthusiasm. Please come visit my blog at
I call it "Its Always Something"and I would love more browsers and commenters.
Lois Stearns Daily

Nicola Morgan said...

Lo - nice to meet you, even if everyone's gone home and i'm just clearing up! If you want people to come and see you, make sure you stick around and make your presence known (in relevant ways, I hasten to add - as this blog is aimed at people serious about becoming published and while we may talk about chocolate we're really supposed to be Serious...).

bossman at Wish a Happy Birthday said...

Happy Birthday Blog! Make a Birthday Wish. You kind of get attached to your work online. ie: your blog. I have several of them and as you watch them grow and populate you kinda be lost without them.

Butik Sepatu Tas said...

Nice Blog.. I love it.. Keep up the good work..

Joel said...

Happy Birthday Blog!