Sunday, 14 March 2010


I am away talking to Creative Writing MA students and won't be back at my stationary desk till Weds. This means I can read your comments but can't easily reply / contribute.

Normal service will resume! But I should also warn you that I am on the verge of being overwhelmed by work deadlines, impending book publication and a double house move (actually quadruple, but I'd prefer not to think it through fully...) so I may have to calm down the blogging a little over the next few weeks. Please don't disappear.

Meanwhile, below you'll find today's earlier post on punctuation. I have noted a couple of you requesting a post on apostrophes and am happy to oblige: it's one of my favourite topics, odd person that I am.

Off to pack. be good while I'm away, please. Maybe do some writing??


Elizabeth Madden said...

Good luck with all the up-coming up-heavals, Nicola!
We'll miss your wise words whilst you're away.

Best wishes,


Verity said...

Have a good time (as much as possible) :-) x

Catt said...

An apostrophe post would be good. As for being good while you're away... Define good. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that term. Hehe. Write while you're gone? Hmm. No promises.

catdownunder said...

I promise to play nicely with the mice.
Do you need chocolate to see you through?

Theresa Milstein said...

Aack - moving. Good luck!

Theresa Milstein said...

I meant to tell you that because I just got 75+ followers, I decided to do an gift card giveaway. The rules are similar to your Birthday Blog. A couple of people reminded me that we wound up following one another as a result of the birthday of your blog. It was a great idea.

Jesse Owen said...

Good luck for the upcoming weeks Nicola!

Glynis Peters said...

Oh boy you do sound busy! I will be good, and work on the second edit of my ms while you are gone. I look forward to the apostophe post.

Happy packing!

Nicola Morgan said...

Elizabeth - don't worry: I won't really be going away, or when i am away I'll still have posted some blog posts, so I hope you will barely notice any lack of service!! Thank you - and others - for your kind words.

catt - an apostrophe post is coming up quite soon!

Cat - good point: I will put some on my long shopping list.

Theresa - am off to visit your blog later today. I'm delighted to think that some people got to know each other / each other's blogs because of my blog party. That was a wild day, wasn't it?!

Jesse, Verity, Glynis, others - thank you. Actually I am embarrassingly fond of packing (But hate unpacking).