Sunday 21 March 2010


I always hope to be polite, despite being the Crabbit Old Bat, so I was very embarrassed when I discovered that I'd forgotten to tell you that the video about the End of Publishing was sent to me by Christine Carmichael, who follows this blog and regularly comments sensibly using the name mindmap1.

Anyway, to make up for my rudeness, I thought I'd tell you about Christine's on-line group of romance writers.

It's the Romance-angels-network, a networking group for romance writers. You need to be a member to access it but Christine says it's very easy to join for any aspiring romantic author. She says "We're a diverse, international and welcoming group with many lurkers, around 43 at the last count and thirty plus members.  We've been up and running since 19th December 2009." If you're interested, click on this link.

And now, I'm off to pack some more boxes. Nearly there!


CC MacKenzie said...


I realised you were, as they say in the North of England, up the wall!

Worry not woman, you're moving house, writing, running a business, writing,jetting off here there and everywhere to talk about - writing, mentoring us on this blog, writing, mother, writing, wife, writing.

I honestly don't know how you do it!

There's a member of the said network who is an IT wizard (thank God!) who sniffed out the video. I will, naturally, share any other gems that come my way.

Good luck with the move.

Thank you for saying my comments are sensible (that's a first!)!


Samarita said...

Good luck with the move Nicola. Thanks for bringing RAN to people's attention. It's been the biggest boost to my confidence as a wannabe writer, not to mention how I managed to find brilliant resources like this.

By the way - Blame my Brain - I didn't know that was 'you'. I bought your book in desperation last year as a Christmas present for my teen. It helped her a lot! Now could you do something for haggard 40 somethings spinning way too many plates please????

catdownunder said...

Oh Mindmap1 you forgot to mention that poor Nicola has to unpack at the other end.(I can't help. I volunteered to stay behind and see to the mice.)

CC MacKenzie said...


Just popped in to give you an update and a hug of thanks! We have new members who have joined via this blog, hi Catlin and Kitty! And many more lurkers. You may find more members coming over to thank you too.

Catdownunder - I didn't want to mention the unpacking because the poor woman has enough to contend with! I once had 285 boxes which arrived on a container from Kenya when we relocated back to the UK. A friend had palpitations in my garage. Er..I still have a dozen to unpack seven years later. But something tells me Nicola is not cut from the same cloth! LOL!

Christine x

CC MacKenzie said...


Nicola has more than enough on her plate to start worrying about yours!!

Get back to where you belong and the girls will help!

Sheesh, you give them an inch Nicola, what can I say?

I've hijacked your blog. (Hope you don't lose any members)

(Slinking away red faced.)