Thursday, 22 April 2010


Indulge me while I hijack my own blog briefly, please. See, it's that time of year again: book promo time. As in mine. Not the one I mentioned yesterday - I haven't written that yet. (Note to self: DEADLINE.) But the one that's published on May 3rd.

All I'd like to say to you today, in a calm, subtle and measured way, is that some of you may not know (if you've been asleep) that I have a new blog starting, especially for the new book.

Ahem. I've just committed the first mistake of an author with a book coming out. Did you notice? Basic, absolutely damned basic.










First rule: mention name of book at all opportunities

So, the book is called WASTED. Some of you have already read it and everyone who has commented has amazingly loved it. The latest fab comment / review is here and my publishers say there's a terrific buzz about this book, which has come from readers, not any clever tricks by marketing people. Readers have more power than anyone in the writing and publishing process.

Anyway, you need to know that I am about to go on tour till the end of May, but fear not: I will still be here, by magic. Yep, it's a blog tour, so I will still be here for you and this blog will experience no hiatus. I would not leave you, really. You will find me all over the place, thanks to the fabulous organisational skills of my charming new assistant, Catherine Hughes, she of this blog's readership. (Check out her own blogs here and here, btw.)

And the blog is here. I mention it today because it launches properly tomorrow and I'd love you to be there. Sign yourselves up as followers and you get a weekly chance to win a copy of the book. Or just pop by each day for entertainment and enlightenment - a new post every day. During the next few weeks there will be many opportunities to win books - some of them requiring skill (writing competitions) and some pure luck. See, the book is all about luck, chance, randomness, fate, risk, causal determinism, and the odd spot of quantum physics.

There's something for everyone. Well, not everyone. Not people who don't like a challenging, different read. Not people who don't like to think. And not people who don't enjoy a good time.

I have written a post for every day for the next six weeks. A flipping marathon, but Catherine is a hard task-mistress.

Now, I have one small thing to ask. If by any chance you end up reading Wasted, and if by any chance you like it, could you please say so, kind of a little bit loudly? Possibly even on Amazon? (And if you don't like it, could you possibly be very, very, very quiet?)

Whatever, please join me over on the blog. I'd love to get 100 followers before launch day.And Catherine would be pleased with me, which is quite important, too.

THANK YOU! And sorry for giving you no publishing advice at all today.


catdownunder said...

I am already there and purring for you but I cannot miaou as loudly as I would like because I can only read the excerpts up on the blog as yet.
Now, everyone else, she had me really anxious because a cat features in this book and...well go over to the blog and find out for yourselves!

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm there! I'll blog about it tomorrow but I've already used up today's blog post. I'll get tomorrow's post set up now, though.

Good Luck with the launch. I get very good feelings about this.

Anonymous said...

I'm there too and I will be popping a post up onto my blog tomorrow about the launch of your blog (did that make any sense hehe)

Good luck with the launch :D

K M Kelly said...

I was going to post a comment to let you know I'd written a review but I see google alerts beat me to it :-)

Best book I've read in ages.

Matthew MacNish said...

How exciting! This sounds like a great book and it looks like the buzz is building.

I've just become a follower at the blog about it and you're getting pretty close to 100.

Thanks so much for sharing about this Nicola.

Today's guest blogger is Michelle McLean!

Private said...

i'm follower nr. 87 - you should reach 100 in no time! i'm very happy for you!

Catt said...

I've never left a review on Amazon before, but should I lay hands on a copy and likes, I shall.

I have the form for the library to request they get copies, but again I forgot it was in my bag. FAIL.

Unknown said...

Oooo I'm so glad I found your blog and on Hijacking day as well! Woohoo I feel extra lucky! I love blog tours and look forward to following!!!

Deb Salisbury, Magic Seeker and Mantua-Maker said...

Congrats!!! I'm linking back to help announce Wasted!