Thursday 10 June 2010


Please! Yes, I need to take a short break from blogging. I've just got too much going on. I've had a lot happening this year - some of it you all know about, such as the house moving shenanigans and the new book coming out. But there's been other stuff, too. It's been quite a year already, with lots of good stuff and lots of not so good. And I'm in danger of running out of energy and spreading myself too thin if I don't act sensibly.

That new book, Wasted, is one of my priorities at the moment. It's not a designated "highlight" title, despite the phenomenal response from readers, and therefore is low in the hierarchy when it comes to marketing. I'm not complaining about this - I know very well the commercial realities of publishing. I'm just saying that authors like me have to do a lot to help ourselves - a lot of events and a lot of grasping opportunities. I'm also saying it to make the point to all you aspiring writers that life as a published author is no breeze, even when you've had 90 titles published. We can never let up in the work to support our books and we simply can't expect anyone else to believe in them as we do ourselves. That's reality and it's a reality I've known for a long time.

Also, this is happening.

Which is the final straw. I have chaos around me and it's getting me down. I have to take control. I need to spend less time at my desk (supposing I can find it!) and more time thinking and being creative, which mostly doesn't happen at my desk. So, forgive me if I take a break from regular blogging. I don't know how long it will be - maybe only days, or maybe I'll just have to blog less often for a while. All I know is that the blog has been too high up my list of priorities and I just need to shift it down a little, temporarily. I also have the deadline for Write to be Published and am also trying to write something else (two things, actually) and, in short, my brain is approaching over-capacity.

Please don't desert me in my absence! And please do help me with Wasted. So many of you have been stupendously supportive and you've done the most touching and lovely things.

I will be back!


Old Kitty said...

Well I'll certainly be here!!

Good luck with your WIPs and smoothing the chaos of your move!

Take care

Jen Campbell said...

of course we won't leave. Off you go, and good luck xxxxxxxx

Catt said...

Wouldn't dream of leaving. We're tied in and it's one of the best blogs around :P

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Best to you Nicola!! You are an inspiration to all of us, unpubbed and pubbed, and I like how you are the living example that regardless of how many books one has under the belt, that the work goes on. It doesn't end with the first celebratory contract. After that come edits, more edits, marketing & more marketing, and still must work in writing the next one somewhere! I'll miss you and look forward to your return.

Thomas Taylor said...

Enjoy the break. I have no intention of leaving, and there's plenty of archived posts to rummage through.

I'm still planning to review Wasted on my blog, but I have my own house move to survive right now. And I thought Summer was supposed to be the easy season.

Sally Zigmond said...

You are such a lovely person, Nicola (despite what that Jane Smith says. Fancy asking us to let you have a break from blogging--or even telling us.)

I am constantly amazed by your productivity, busy-ness and your support and advice to other writers.

You DESERVE that break. And much as I shall miss your words of wisdom while you're not blogging, I insist you make it long rather than short.

Simon Kewin said...

Best of luck with everything Nicola - I'm sure we'll all still be here when you return. Good luck finding your desk!

Jill said...

I'll definitely be waiting when you get back. I know all about stress, and I don't even have any book contracts/deadlines. I, too, have plumbers and electricians with all their heavy equipment--outside, though. It's only my 4 children and I inside (much less chaos, I'm sure)!

Jan Jones said...

Rules: one coffee for plumbers mid morning. One mid-afternoon. One room off-limits for you to work in. They'll get the message fairly soon.

Good luck.

Nicola Morgan said...

You are all very kind. And Sally - that Jane Smith does talk rubbish, doesn't she?

Jan - if only it were that simple! Replacing all the pipework in a house requires all the rooms to have floorboards up at the same time, unfortunately. It will be over soon...

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

Since I'm new here I'll read all the back posts and catch up.
Take care and best of luck.I'll just be here waiting -- and reading.

Giggles and Guns

catdownunder said...

What you need is a virtual hug from your virtual cat. (We cats are quite good at this.) Ready? There...add a few gentle paw pats down the back to calm you down. Right, now take a nice walk with your dog and - make two mental lists. The first list is things that must be done. The second list is things you want to do but need not be done yet.
When you and the dog have had some fresh air you come back and write the two lists out in the order in which they need to be done - no,not in order of priority but in the order in which they need to be done. Logic may demand something different to your apparent priorities.
Blogs and Twitter will come low on the list I suspect.
There, that is a lot of cat hairs to help. Do NOT try to answer them...just get on with it. You will be fine. If you need the occasional virtual hug we are here to is what friends are for. (If I was there I would cook you nourishing meals and leave them on the doorstep but I am not so this will have to do.)
Hugs, Cat

Ebony McKenna. said...

I think you're very smart recognising when to pull back a bit. Just looking at the photo makes me all kinds of grumpy. It looks like it will be great when it's finished, but the process - urgh!

We built a house (not physically ourselves, but had builders do it) and moved in six months ago - I'm still tired.

Rest up on some stuff, promote away (the reviews you've had are well deserved, Wasted is brilliant!) and I'll be sticking around, waiting for you.
In a totally non-stalkery way!

David John Griffin said...

Hi Nicola, your blog has to be my favourite writing blog, easily. You're willingness to help and instruct in a friendly, humourous way has been (I mean is... ;-) terrific, really. I know that no apology from you is needed for stepping back for a while; we all still have your past posts to re-read; they never lose their freshness.

I really hope that Wasted becomes more and more of a success for you, and I know all of your followers (sounds like you're running a religious cult!) agree, understanding the need for more energy poured into promoting your latest book, as well as your own personal problems. (I don't mean you need an agony aunt, I mean the copper pipes and computer desk disarray!!)

For interest, I've taken a back seat with my writing at the moment; but then I've wasted so many years not writing, a few more months won't matter...

Help! I Need A Publisher! is still one of my top visited sites, and that won't change; look forward to any new posts in the future; I for one will be patient!


Kittie Howard said...

of course i'm what you need to do...and good luck with your WIP and getting organized!

Whirlochre said...

Oh dear. I know that photo.

Lengths of copper piping and strange men with lengths of "4 by 2".



"Christ, Dave — get over here and look at THIS.


* Tinkling sound of your favourite childhood momento being crushed underfoot *


etc etc

Hope you bag some decent death scenes from it all...

Anonymous said...

I'll never leave - definitely one of the best writing blogs I've come across.

Good luck with your WIPs and I hope you can get back to normality soon.

All The Best

DOT said...

Just to read your blog me quite exhausted - that said, I do love a bit of plumbing. Bit of pipe-bending, a few welds and instant results - apart from the occasional leak.

If only writing were so easy.

Now relax.

Unknown said...

I've just been through a house refurb and at times I really couldn't find my desk.

Good luck with it all, we won't desert you, promise.

Helena xx

Emma Darwin said...

Nicola, good for you for finally giving up on doing everything. Apart from anything else, it's nice to know that even you have your limits.

It's so easy to drive yourself into the ground, as a freelance juggling so many different kinds of activities. It's easier to push a novel to the back of one's mind than it is a plumber, or a festival session, so what always suffers first is what in fact MUST be the thing we protect - the creative work. Very best of luck with everything, and I'll be the one at the head of the queue for a copy of Write to be Published.

Colette Martin said...

Nicola, you deserve a break!

Elizabeth West said...

Go. Get your house under control and your writing done and eat some chocolate!

We love you and will wait for you.


Anonymous said...

Take a break! You deserve it. goodluck with everything :)

Flowerpot said...

I will certainly be here - sounds like you really need that time away from this blog. Good luck with it all.

Kath McGurl said...

Enjoy your break! The webby world will still be here when you get back, be sure of that.

JaneF said...

I second what Spider Griffin said - no apology required. We are lucky to have you at all!

I'll just have to find another displacement activity for a while to justify not writing... And not doing the housework... And not... hmm, are you sure you have to go?!

Jo Franklin said...

Well done, Nicola for realising that enough is enough and you need a break. Of course we will still be here when you get back.
Meanwhile is there anything we can do to help you? You are always so generous with your time, I really would like to repay the favour.

Glynis Peters said...

Relax and enjoy your break. Get Wasted out in the world...oh, that didn't sound right. Oh you know what I mean! LOL

Janet Johnson said...

Good luck with your work and your house building. Wow. Enjoy the break!

Nicola Morgan said...

Thanks so much everyone. I'm still here really, just not feeling the pressure to blog so frequently for a while.

Emma - you are the last person to need a copy of Write to be Published but it's very kind of you to say that.

JoFranklin - thanks for the offer. All I need people to do is spread the word if they liked Wasted, especially to UK librarians / bookshops. The decision not to have it as a highlight title was made way before the exceptional reaction from readers came and before anyone apart from my editor had read it. That's why i'm having to find ways to let people know about it. So, anyone you can tell about it will be helpful and very much appreciated by me!