Monday, 1 November 2010


The winner of Saturday's competition to win a signed copy of Tom Vowler's The Method is:

Marisa Birns!

Tom has not revealed his method, though he did say it was random. Well done, Marisa. You're in for a treat. Please email and give him your address.

Everyone else: thanks for entering and for your nice comments. I hope many of you will get to read the book soon. Do try Book Depository.

And thank to Tom for doing this. He deserves lots of success with The Method. And, by the way, official publication day is today, so, congratulations to Tom!


Marisa Birns said...

How wonderful! Thank you Nicola and Tom. Can't wait to read!

Dan Holloway said...

Hurrah! What a lovely winner :)

Jo Franklin said...

Just a gentle reminder - isn't there another competition outstanding the How to get Published one?