Sunday 23 January 2011


Following my post the other day entitled Bugger Technical Problems, I'm pleased to announce that my new website is now back up. And I'd like to say two things, first about the new website and second about the technical genius of my webmaster who fixed me up, when the problems were NOT his fault. (Or mine.)

So, the new website. For years, I had a website designed and hosted by the wonderful Wordpool people. They had created it so that I could easily change any text whenever I wanted, without using html, but if I needed something more structural or technical done, I got them to do it for a very modest fee. But recently, I wanted a whole new design, starting from scratch and I wanted it to be wordpress-based so that I could properly manage it myself. So I went to Steve at Wordpool again. I showed him how I'd created my own websites for Write to be Published and Pen2Publication and asked if he could make me something gloriously better. He pretty much said, "You did those - you can do this. You don't need me." Well, I think I did need him because I couldn't do it nearly as prettily and cleverly as he could have, but I decided to go ahead, mainly because of course it would be much cheaper, but I did ask Steve to be on hand to deal with the technical stuff with transferring my new site to the old URL. And this is what I have come up with SO FAR - it's got all its content but I'm going to fancify it over the following months. Any comments?

But mostly I want to mention the wonder that is Steve of Wordpool. (And his wife and business partner, Diana.) I've been a client of theirs for years and years. Steve did my very first website, for The Child Literacy Centre (now put to sleep) and at least two incarnations of my author one. He is incredibly patient with my inability to understand the jargon of what goes on in html, will work through a weekend to sort a technical issue, and without him I could not have dealt with the ridiculous complication of moving my new site from the free wordpress blog to the original / com domains, and sort all the email pointing etc despite much jumbled and well-meaning but incoherent help from the hosting company.

So, if any of you authors want a web designer par excellence, with a very necessary sense of humour, do contact And remember, the somewhat plainish design of my new site is not his fault - he'd have done it much more gloriously. But it works, thanks to him. And that's the main thing.


Anonymous said...

I just found you on Twitter. I don't think I've ever signed up as a follower. I'm going to put you on my blog as a writer's resource. I have one book about to be published, but I'll be writing more, I hope, and might want to use your services. I'll be back to peruse your site.

Tracy said...

Isn't technology wonderful when it works? ...but certainly do wonder how we ever lived with out it.
Welcome Back Up!

Kath McGurl said...

It's a great website. Simple is better, in my opinion. Loads quicker and less distracting than the fancier ones. I really like the design. Well done! (I'm an IT professional in my dayjob, if that gives my opinion any more weight!)

catdownunder said...

Purr factor 10!

J.T. Webster said...

I really like your new website,it's clear and easy to get around. The video made me laugh because when I read your blog you don't have an accent!!! And a very nice accent too.

I've copied your recipe and will make it up soon. Most of the ingredients are in my home made muesli, so I must be feeding my brain well.

Tabitha Bird said...

I might just go look him up cause I need a website. thanks for this.