Monday 7 February 2011


Recently, I passed the 1000 blog-follower mark, which I found a rather remarkable and proud-making feat. But this is your doing as well as mine, so I am hereby announcing a celebratory creative writing competition.

With prizes, naturally. First prize, two of my books plus a crabbit bag. Second prize three - oh very funny, no ONE of my books and a crabbit bag. Two runner-up prizes of a crabbit bag each.

And your task? Simply write up to 150 words in any form, any genre, inspired by this photo or some aspect of it. You may interpret it as loosely as you like, though it must be identifiable by a reasonable person (me) as being in some way triggered by or connected to the photo or part of it. Get creative, get inspired, and put your best foot forward.

  1. Your entry must be in the English language. My Moldovan just isn't up to scratch.
  2. Your entry must be your own original work and must not plagiarize.
  3. Copyright remains with each writer, of course.
  4. Judge's / judges' decisions are final. I haven't got a judge yet, but it won't be me. No bloody way.
  5. First prize only open to UK residents, because of postage costs, but non-UK residents eligible for other prizes, because I love you equally.
  6. Please email your entry in the body of the email, NOT as an attachment, to
  7. By entering, you agree that your entry, or an extract, can be posted on this blog when the winners are announced.
  8. Deadline for entries is March 1st, midday UK time.
Here's the picture. For your info, though you do not need to take this into account, it was taken in the Yurt at the Edinburgh Book Festival. And yes, they are my feet. Because this blog is my feat.


Whirlochre said...

oooh! Excitement!

catdownunder said...

Hmmm those paw coverings...or the carpet...the jeans perhaps? Of course is the COB sells Crabbit bags it might just be simpler to buy one as a sleeping bag. Purrowling off to think about it.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Congratulations Nicola on passing 1000! That is truly an amazing feat, or feet and you should now go out and buy yourself some new shoes!!

JO said...

What fun! And a great way to celebrate.

You have earned your 1000 followers - we wouldn't be here if you weren't so fab!

Nicola Morgan said...

KarenG - ooh, don't mind if I do!

Anonymous said...

My congratulations also on the 1000 mark! That means you've been a great follower also!!
Ann Best, Author

Ann said...

A hearty congratulations on your feat! Love the cosy slippers too.

David John Griffin said...

I've got it-- "the feet with a thousand followers", a centipede. :-) (Well, I thought it was funny!)

Seriously, no surprise there Nicola, so well deserved. Here's to your next thousand, cheers.


Anonymous said...

Someone recommended your blog to me and here I am full of excitement and enthusaism. Hello and I love those cute shoes! :O)

Tanya Byrne said...

Well done on passing 1,000 followers, Nicola. That's wonderful! And I really enjoy writing flash fiction so I hope to write a little something for this, inspiration willing!

Keith Havers said...

Hi Nicola.
I've been trying to limit the number of blogs I follow because I don't want to be bogged down (blogged down?) on the internet when I should be writing. But 1000 people can't be wrong can they? So here I am.
And I think I'll have a go at your comp.

Emma said...

Congratulations! And here's to 1000 more followers - at least.

Now I'm off to see what I can come up with for the competition...

Pure Mobility said...

This place is great! A friend sent me this link and it's the best thing since chutoro (sushi reference, and yes, it is phenomenal). Thanks for the great blog and resources!

Julie @ jbulie's blog said...

Always up for a challenge. I am wondering how much it will cost to post your book to Italy? hmm. : )

Thank you.


Rebecca Emin said...

Congrats on the enormous amount of followers! Love the competition idea too.

Mike Jarman said...

So the competition is now closed, and we are closer to discovering how a winning entry is crafted.
I have to say I'm looking toward to it!

Andrew Culture said...

One's breath is baited.