Tuesday, 29 March 2011


My advice when you're submitting your manuscript to any publisher or agent is always to try to put yourself in their shoes. But what do those shoes feel like?

At one of my events the other day I recommended the audience to go and read this fascinating post by small publisher Lynn Michell, of the Linen Press. Her desire to find the right book and do the very best for it at every stage of the way is so clear. And she really shines a light on all the other things she has to do which mean that she can't always give you feedback or spend a long time rreading your work once she's decided that it's not right for her.

Go read. I think it's instructive and enlightening.


Shauna said...

Thanks Nicola for a great link, and Lynn for peeling away some of the layers in such a straightforward way.
The two extracts Lynn quotes are beautiful - sigh! Ah well back to my editing.

Kath McGurl said...

Thanks for this - I was still looking at Linen Press's old blog and hadn't realised the new one had started up. Great article, and I'm glad to see she's published a few more titles. I loved the ones I bought from LP last year so am buying another couple.