Monday 19 September 2011


During the conference event that I mentioned here, I said I would make my powerpoint presentation available to anyone who wanted to see it. So, I include the link below.

Please note - it can't make full sense without me there to talk about it. This was just the bare bones and there was a great deal of explanation about each slide. Also, the formatting has disappeared in the transition to Google docs - and the pretty pics on my intro slide have gone!

People seemed interested - though also a bit daunted by my apparent energy, I heard afterwards. Don't be daunted - I'm a lazy cow, really. When I'm not being lazy, however, I do a lot of public-speaking and am now being approached by publishers to come and talk to their authors about platforms and author marketing. I can also do focused workshops on Twitter and blogging. If you would like your publisher to invite me to speak to you and your fellow authors, ask them to get in touch! I also love speaking at writers' conferences and have been booked to speak at the York Festival of Writing again next year.

And, if there's demand, I plan an Edinburgh event purely on platform-building, next year. Let me know, either via comments, or Twitter, whether you'd be interested.

Meanwhile, I hope this is useful to you. The link is here.


JO said...

Thanks for this, Nicola, it's really useful (and yes, daunting).

And I can't believe you're a lazy cow!

M Louise Kelly said...

Hi, can't get the link to work - is it just me?

Dan Holloway said...

definitely interested. And next year I'll actually be in Edinburgh to see you (we're bringing our live show up to the Fringe)

One important lesson I don't think people make enough of about platforms. Be yourself or, if not yourself, be the person you need to be for your book, and don't compromise it just to get readers or widen your platform. You might get more people looking at your book by doing some things or doing them in a certain way, but if they're the wrong sort of people, there's no positive point, and it could actually be detrimental

Emma Pass said...

Thank you - even without you there to explain it, the presentation is very useful. And yes, if I'm able to get to it, I'd definitely be interested in an event on platform-building.

Nicola Morgan said...

Louise - I'm not sure why but any time I put something up on Google docs, some people can read it and others can't. I wonder if perhaps you have to be registered with Google? Really sorry, if so.

Nicola Morgan said...

Dan - very true.

Jo - perhaps best you don't realise the truth!

Emma - thanks, and I'm looking forward to seeing your new blog!

Fresh Garden said...

Thanks, Nicola!

David Thayer said...

Nicola -

I found you through a Google search (prospecting for new clients), so we haven't met. My name is David Thayer. I reside in the state of Massachusetts, USA.

I can't promise you anything specific yet, but I would like to know if you would like to have the opportunity to be interviewed before a live online audience, structured for your marketplace?

Warm Regards,
David R. Thayer

Skype: david.thayer

M Louise Kelly said...

Hi, tried 6 times this morning, no joy. Tried just now and it's fine: go figure! (and for the record, I think google owns at least 1/4 of my soul these days so i knew it wouldn't be that). And more importantly - Thanks for the great advice. I have a blog cooking as we speak...

Margaret Morton Kirk said...

Yes, please - I'd definitely be interested in attending an Edinburgh event on this next year.

alia said...

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