Tuesday, 3 September 2013

News and foxes and things

Just a reminder about where you can still find all my advice for writers. Books, blog, and manuscript critique service are all there and all continuing to help writers at all stages.

I'm here to help!

A new development is that I'm starting to sell my ebooks from my own online shop. Currently, you can buy Mondays are Red and Write a Great Synopsis. They are cheaper here than anywhere else (and if you discover differently, please tell me!) and you may be interested to know that buying them from my shop is the only way to ensure that the whole price goes direct to me. You get Kindle, epub and pdf versions, all in one folder, delivered immediately to your computer, for you to read on whichever device you choose.

But, more importantly than their cheaposity is their goodness, of course. And I know they are good because agents and publishers keep recommending them to writers.

And, if you are in the UK, you can buy my exclusive tea-towels, the perfect gift for either the writer in your life (Crabbit's Tips for Writers) or a friend with teenagers or soon-to-be teenagers (Help! Teenager in the House!) These tea-towels sold brilliantly at the Edinburgh International Book Festival and I quickly had to re-order another 100 of each.

Meanwhile, I thought you might like to see where this work happens. My beautiful garden office (above), now a year old and wonderfully embedded in the garden. I see foxes and birds, trees, shrubs and flowers of all sorts. And the foxes and birds don't seem to see me. And not a single human can be observed from my hideaway.

It's bliss. And, sometimes, writing even happens!

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