Thursday, 7 November 2013

Published self-publishers 2: four more children's writers speak

The rest of my published self-publishing authors are here today, with links back to their main interviews on Heartsong. You'll see range of different approaches, but all professional. All have been published in the traditional way before and have used what they've learnt.

First up, with a vast amount of advice, generously shared, Diana Kimpton, with There Must be Horses. I love Diana's realism, too, for example where she says: "I learned that self-publishing is fun and I love being in control. Sales build slowly with a self-published book so I haven't sold as many copies in the first year as I would have done if I'd gone the traditional route. On the other hand, it wouldn't be for sale at all yet if I'd gone with a traditional publisher, and I've got plenty of time to build word-of-mouth recommendations because the book won't go out of print."

A.T. Boyle's 'dual language' novels, one of which she wrote with her father, sound intriguing. She talks about The Typing Man here and explains her views of writer-publishing.

Julia Jones brings you The Lion of Sole Bay, one of a series of adventure stories for 9+. Julia sees herself mainly as a print self-publisher.

And finally, Katherine Roberts, with a book that should never have gone out of print, I Am The Great Horse, which had terrific reviews when it was first published. Katherine's main aim is to keep her backlist available. Glorious cover!

Edited to add: A late addition, Lynne Garner giving great advice surrounding her publication of Anansi the Trickster Spider.

Thanks to all these children's writers and great good luck to them. If you are looking for quality books for children, you need look no further than these and the four writers in last week's post.

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